Some useful tips when buying an used second hand Laptop or PC  

Some useful tips when buying a used second hand Laptop or PC   

Some useful tips when buying an used second-hand Laptop or PC , however when you’re on a budget or do not have the funds to purchase a purchase of a new laptop (desktop or laptop) purchasing a second-hand computer could help you save a few dollars. If you follow my suggestions, then you could get yourself an excellent second-hand computer.


How to Inspect Technical Specs of a Used PC / Laptop

Before you make any purchase, it is recommended to first check or discover the complete configuration details of the computer. It is not advisable to believe what the seller claims because they could be deceiving you. You should discover the entire system details of the configuration by yourself. You can discover the specifics of setting up any system by using a highly effective system information tool, known as ASTRA32.

ASTRA32 System Information Tool Some useful tips when buying an used second hand Laptop or PC  

ASTRA32 is an innovative and light system information tool for analyzing system information. With this tool, you can get the full hardware information on any PC. Get the portable versions of ASTRA32 Unzip it, then transfer it onto your pendrive. then launch the tool on any computer with your pendrive. Then, discover the full information about the hardware or components of that particular computer. Check out a1398 macbook pro price online in India.

Main Things to Check out in a Used PC and Laptop

These are the top points to be able to check in a used laptop or laptop prior to purchasing it.

Processor & Motherboard

Check the motherboard and processor model and type by using this ASTRA32 software I mentioned earlier. Check the processor’s speed, and then determine whether it’s fast enough to meet your needs or your work. If it is old, there’s no need to buy this computer because it’ll be slow and be unable to run the latest technology software or programs. Check out iball router price online in India.

The next step is to verify the motherboard model to see whether the drivers are available online to the OS you intend to use Otherwise, it’s in no use for you.


Examine how much memory in the machine you’re using. Make sure you have at two gigabytes of RAM, as it is a requirement needed to run modern operating system like Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Hard Disk

Check The Hard disk thoroughly, and then check whether there are any bad sectors. You can identify bad sectors on a disk using Windows built-in CHKDSK tool. To verify the integrity of your drive you can run the following command from the Windows command prompt.

For instance, chkdsk c: (you can put another driver letter in the same place and verify for it if the disk is divided into multiple partitions).

If there are bad sectors on your hard drive, then inform the seller to swap it out with a new one.

Examine the SMPS condition and also the voltage on the 12V rail. Also, ensure that the SMPS is running with its fan in good order.

Batterie (for Laptop only) Some useful tips when buying an used second hand Laptop or PC  

Batteries in Laptop are not as long-lasting, so it is highly probable that the batteries in an old or second-hand laptop will be less durable unless it was changed by the buyer. Before you make a decision, be sure that there is left in the battery. Also, determine if it is possible to find a replacement compatible or not on the market.

LCD Screen / Monitor

Examine the monitor’s LED and see if there are dead pixels or odd lines that appear on the screen. If the monitor isn’t in good condition, you must be sure to ask for the replacement.

Physical Condition

Before purchasing the final product, check whether the condition is good for the hardware components. There shouldn’t be any damage or damage to them.


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