Spotify Can’t Play Current Song, How to Fix?

Have you at any point experienced a message from Spotify saying, Spotify can’t play current song. If you have the record on your PC, you can import it.”?

It’s conspicuous in any event, for the best to bomb on occasion. We are discussing the best music application, and indeed, it has a few issues. At times, Spotify can’t play current song for you, and it’s a mistake when you are in the temperament. Spotify not playing is a wreck, thus we think of the best answer for the “Spotify won’t play” issue. How about we investigate.

Section 1. Spotify Can’t Play Current Song: Why?

There is no great explanation behind Spotify can’t play current song. It could be a blend of issues or an extremely discrete issue. Assuming we break into the issue, here is the rundown of the issues that might make you question why I can’t play a few tunes on Spotify.


Why would I be able to play a few tunes on Spotify? Here and there Spotify not playing Songs confined in your locale. This might be the essential issue for your concern. A great many people pass up the way that Spotify gives a district explicit specialist organization. Tap on the tune, and it will say Spotify can’t play this at the present time. You can relax; you are in good company with this issue. The following inquiry is how to find on the off chance that a melody doesn’t uphold your locale. Track down the answer for this string in Part 2.


An obsolete programming or application can cause extensive prevention in the normal game-plan for the application. Spotify is something other than a music player, so the working framework should be upgraded.


An often-separating web association can make the Spotify application detach from servers. This might bring about Spotify can’t play current song. This issue might occur on the Web page often since it requires a steady association more than the genuine application. Yet, the issue remains.


Cache information and treats can be dangerous, particularly when there are a considerable lot of them. Store information and treats just improve the client experience up to a specific level. What’s more, from that point forward, it begins to push the application’s typical capacity, exacerbating the situation. Lastly, land on Spotify can’t play this at the present time, which may likewise bring about neighborhood records not appearing.


A serene issue that nobody is aware of is Spotify needs you to be a paid client. A free client can’t pay attention to similar melodies more than multiple times. The counting begins following a half year of utilizing a free Spotify account. It’s an issue, and you will just realize it once you’re excessively consumed with the biological system of the application.

Section 2. Spotify Can’t Play Current Song: How to Fix?

Every one of the issues referenced above are clear, as are their answers. Here we have the rundown of the answers for every one of your issues.


Spotify will not permit you to play melodies out of your locale. To be explicit, it isn’t Spotify’s place to constantly approach empower or deny the music towards an area. Truth be told, music names, legitimate proprietors, and craftsmen conclude regardless of whether music should be accessible in a district. The best arrangement is to utilize a dependable VPN. Use VPN servers of a country that has a large portion of the melodies accessible. Another arrangement is to change your locale under iTunes settings for iOS and Spotify settings in Android.


Update your Spotify application to the most recent form accessible. This tackles the greater part of the issue of Spotify can’t play this at the present time. Aside from the application, keep the firmware/programming of your gadget cutting-edge to keep things running as flawlessly as could really be expected.


Always utilize a solid web association, which might tackle half of your concerns. A steady association implies that you will get less mutilation with the Spotify servers. It brings about a smooth progress of your music.


Clear out reserve information and treats from your Spotify website page or application. Assuming that you are utilizing the Spotify website page on Google Chrome, go to the settings. Open progressed settings and get out all reserve information from your gadget. Assuming that you are utilizing the Spotify application on your Smartphone gadget, go to Settings. Click on the capacity choice and tap on Spotify. Get out reserve information from your cell phone gadget.


Free form of Spotify is baffling. You can’t skip music, pick any track you need to pay attention to from a playlist, or even download the music. One arrangement is to get the exceptional adaptation of Spotify, which will tackle half of your concerns. On the off chance that you need a definitive answer for tackle your Spotify issue, follow the aide beneath.

There are simple solutions the problem “Spotify can’t play current song”. Hopefully the mentioned tips will be useful.

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