Super Bowl Squares: Optimal Strategy for Playing Squares

As a staunch football fan, you obviously love the excitement that comes with the Super Bowl event. Besides being in the field playing, fans can also get in the action by participating one several betting games that are available during this auspicious sporting event. Among the popular ways of betting is the Super Bowl betting grid, which has become more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic since it was played online. It is a game where players capitalize on their lack to predict how the scores will end.
It involves players drawing two “numbers” that represent scores after the game. If your favorite team isn’t playing the Super Bowl, this method of betting is a great way to get rewards. Contrary to popular belief, there are various strategies you can employ to improve your odds of winning. Read on to learn more about strategies that you can use to double your chances of winning the Super Bowl Squares. Before we get into that, you first need to understand what the Super Bowl betting grid is and how it works.

How do Super Bowl squares work?

In many instances, Super Bowl Squares are played on a 10×10 grid. The home super bowl squares team will be represented by the row on top of the grid, and the visitor team will be represented by the column on the side. The squares in an empty board will start with 100 “squares.” These betting squares need to be filled out for the game to start. A poster is used to fill out the board online. The squares are topically labeled 1 to 100 in the online version of the game. Since the “visiting team” column and the “home team” row are drawn randomly, picking a square has no perfect scientific formula.

You should also take in mind that picking multiple betting squares in the same column or row may leave you with fewer number combinations for you to work with. One of the ways that you can use instead of a complex pool of the team names is the “winning score” and “losing score.” The board will be complete when all 100 squares are filled out.

Which numbers are the best?

In the Super Bowl betting grid history, the total combination of winning numbers is 216. A limited sample size was used, however, to come up with this figure. In Super Bowl’s history, these are the best 0-0 (19 times), 0-3 (11 times), 0-7 (10 times), and 7-0 (10 times)

How are numbers drawn in the Super Bowl Squares template?

When playing the Super Bowl Squares, the participants should designate a person who is known as an overseer to randomly place numbers on them by holding a draw. The numbers will be placed randomly across the rows representing the home teams and on the side of the grid columns representing the visiting team. There are two ways to do this; you can use an online number generator or post-it notes in a hat.

Another way to allocate betting squares in the Super Bowl betting grid is with a 25-square grid where two numbers are allocated to both the home and the road team instead of one. This means that in each team, players will be given two numbers each. Each player will have two numbers once the board is full. In both the vertical axis and the horizontal axis of the grid, the numbers that you have been given should match the squares.

How Does a Player Win the Super Bowl Squares?

Winners in the Super Bowl Squares are usually paid at the end of every quarter in many standard Super Bowl Squares. So, how are winners determined? Usually, winners are those players who have the numbers that match the scores after every quarter of the game. The magic number is always the last digit of the score. The most popular numbers that usually occur on the scoreboard are 7, 3, and 0. But this is not guaranteed.


Playing the Super Bowl Squares is a great way to enjoy the Super Bowl event and, at the same time, get a chance to win some cash. Unlike other betting methods used in the Super Bowl requiring a lot of money, betting in the Super Bowl Squares allows you to bet with very little amounts, which may be as little as $1. We expect that this guide was helpful to you, and you can now play the Super Bowl betting grid.

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