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Surrogacy Requirements for the Sperm Donors

Infertility in men compels them to take the help of sperm donors, and the surrogacy process asks for certain requirements for them. A man needs 3 months to make fresh semen from inside his body, and so he should try to gain the best health within this period. Here are 5 points about the demands of surrogate motherhood for the semen givers:

Starting with Seminal Tests and Analysis

If you want to give semen for surrogate mother service, you will have to go through a physical exam, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) screening as well as semen analysis. The intended parents will need to know about the quality of your semen long before their journey advances to start the IVF cycle through embryo creation to transfer into the uterus of their surrogate.

Medical Tests for the Semen Givers

You will have to go through a standard blood test and semen analysis in an ART-based human reproduction clinic during the time preceding your semen donation. Before you go to a reputed IVF clinic to appear in the blood tests for your Venus donation, you should test at home yourself. Testing blood will scan STDs like HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B & C, and any disease characteristically transmitted by sexual contact. Analyzing semen will discover normal or abnormal morphology rates and normal or rapid mortality rates of your pep. Low-quality semen gives bad results that will not grow enthusiasm to the intended parents to receive your vim as a donation for their family-building process. A positive lifestyle with proper diet, rest, physical exercise, and some over-the-counter medication suggested by the IVF clinic will significantly increase the quality of your semen.

A Process of Semen Washing in the IVF Clinic

On the supposition that the result of your blood tests reveals HIV or Hepatitis, you cannot donate your semen. Fortunately enough, even in this situation, the IVF clinic has a way out for you. They can put forward for considering a process of semen washing that will enable you to donate semen. The semen washing deletes any infectious material from the semen in such a manner as to achieve the desired result. Based on the successful result, the fertility specialists will preserve the sample of your semen in frozen condition for use in the IVF process.

Semen Fragmentation Test to Know Semen Quality

The result of the semen fragmentation test shows probable problems with the chromosomes of the semen. To be surer that there is no fertility issue in your semen quality, the IVF clinic can run a complete fragmentation and karyotype analysis of the sample of your semen on behalf of the intended parents. Low-quality semen may cause a defect in the embryo that leads to successful transfer to a surrogate. Visit donare gli ovuli to learn more about sperm and eggs donation for surrogacy.

The Importance of Semen Karyotype and Fragmentation Tests

Fragmentation test analyses whether the semen cells contain a healthy and complete set of chromosomes. On the other hand, a karyotype test investigates the overall chromosomal issues of a person. When a male body produces sperm cells, most of the abnormalities in the chromosomes of the semen cells emerge that no one can analyze through traditional analysis. Fragmentation and karyotype test glance at the semen without changing direction or stopping, with nothing between, and frankly.

The above 5 points with the explanation regarding the surrogacy Requirements for the Sperm Donors will help you to donate quality semen successfully to help others to start a family who could not do it otherwise. Just like the quality of an egg, the quality of semen contributes immensely to create an embryo in the IVF lab that ensures a successful conception by a surrogate to gift the intended parents a healthy baby.

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