Taj Mahal Luxury India Tour Guide for 2022

Taj Mahal Overview

In India, you will find many historical monuments. But the Taj Mahal is different from them. Taj Mahal has been built to prove love. This describes the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s affection for his wife, Mumtaz. However, the architecture and views of the Taj Mahal make it a wonder of the world.

The fantastic hand arts of the Taj Mahal give it a fabulous look and make it pretty. Tourist from corners of the world visits this place to see the overwhelming views of the Taj Mahal.

Moreover, the Taj Mahal is the glory of India. Shah Jahan erected it to express his affection and love for Mumtaz. The craftsman of this extraordinary momentum spent many hours making this masterpiece.

Also, people love to visit the heritage of this place once their life. Taj Mahal tour provides you with unforgettable memories along with a luxury India tour. Moreover, the attractions of the Taj Mahal give peace to every heart. If you are making a Taj Mahal day tour, scroll down and read the important information below.

How to Reach Taj Mahal?

Taj Mahal trip gives you wonderful moments with your loved one. However, you will get every transport option for the Taj Mahal, Agra. You must select an air, road, or train trip for the Taj Mahal tour. Moreover, you can choose an airway to reach quickly at Agra. The Agra Airport is 13 kilometers away from the Taj Mahal. Therefore you can get within 30 to 40 minutes after landing at the Agra airport.

But if you love the road trip, you can see the beautiful moments of different places. However, you need to select bus travel from your hometown to Delhi. After that, you can reach the Taj Mahal in 6 to 8 hours. The closest bus stand to the Taj Mahal is the Idgah Bus Stand. You need to journey for six kilometers to reach the Taj Mahal from the Bus stand.  So you can reach at Taj Mahal on time.

Another way to reach the Taj Mahal is by train. This is the most beautiful and enjoyable journey for your Taj Mahal tour of India. Agra Cantt Railway Station is just six kilometers away from the Taj Mahal. You can explore lots of views and sights of different places during your train journey.  Besides this, you will enjoy the North Indian food during your trip. This is all about different journeys for Taj Mahal Agra.

Taj Mahal Entrance Fee

Indian governments set some Taj Mahal entry fees to see the overwhelming beauties of its architecture. However, for Indians, Taj Mahal entry fees are RS 45, and if you want to see the main mausoleum, you need to pay additionally RS 200. You can book a ticket online and offline. If you select the online way to pay for tickets, you get RS 5 discount as an Indian.

Similarly, for foreigners, the entry fee is RS 1050. If you are SAARC and BIMSTEC, you pay Rs 535 to enter Taj Mahal. Additionally, Rs 200 must pay by foreigners and SAARC, BIMSTEC to visit the main mausoleum. Foreigners get RS 50 discount for online booking. At day time, entry fees are not charged for any child under 15, whether Indian or foreigner.

Besides this, to see the night views of the Taj Mahal, you have to pay a particular amount. The night views of the Taj Mahal are available five days a month, except Friday.  However, to see the beauty of the Taj Mahal at night, Indian adults Pay RS 510, and Foreigners Pay RS 750. The kids between 3 to 15 Indians and foreigners pay RS 500 each.

Taj Mahal Opening Hours

Taj Mahal has three gates. One is the western gate, the second is the eastern gate, and the third is the southern gate. However, to visit the charming moments of the taj mahal, you must enter the get at a particular time. Taj Mahal’s opening time for the western gate is two hours before sunrise, and it closes 45 minutes before sunset. The exact timing is applied for the eastern gate. But the southern entrance of the Taj mahal does allow anyone to enter. This is the Taj Mahal’s Exit gate.

Photos Clicking Tips at the Taj Mahal

Photos Clicking Tips at the Taj Mahal

Moreover, the beautiful Taj Mahal surrounding area and architecture provide you with stunning views. You can collect many photos of the Taj Mahal, making your memory fresh. So during your trip to the Taj Mahal, always try to enter the gate before sunrise. The first sunrise view from the Taj mahal provides you with outstanding natural beauty, which you can capture in your camera. Besides this, always try to click a still of Taj Mahal refection. The beautiful marble handwork also helps you to keep some great moments. However, you can capture photos with your loved one in front of the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal Nearby Attractions

Agra fort

The Taj Mahal and its nearby places give you fantastic memories. However, you can ask your Taj Mahal tour guide for the nearest attraction to the Taj Mahal. Some interests are Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Fatepur Sikri, Itimad-ud-daula’s Tomb, Akbar’s Tomb, and Mehtab Bagh. These unique places are packed with wonders and beauty. The fantastic red stonework of this place provides heart-melting views.

Jama Masjid is another attraction and peaceful place near the Taj Mahal. It is situated opposite Agra fort. Many devotees regularly come here to pray and worship Allah. However, enjoy the Qawali nights here. The sweet sound of Qawali provides you peace.

Moreover, Fatepur Sikri has an excellent history. This is the capital of the Mughal emperor, Akbar. However, you can visit the bank of the Yamuna River, where you get amazing views of the Taj Mahal.


In summary, the Taj Mahal tour gives you peace, happiness, and enjoyable moments. Here you will discover the unseen beauty of nature. However, you can collect many memories with your loved one in the Taj Mahal. To see the dedication and love of Shah Jahan must visit the Taj Mahal once in your life.

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