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The Bedroom Furniture Essential

Bedroom furniture isn’t costly, but it doesn’t have to be exquisitely tailored and well-styled for purpose. In fact, one could argue that there are lots of inexpensive yet good looking bedroom sets out there. These bedroom sets may consist of only three or four items, but when put together well, they look great.

Must-Have Bedroom Furniture

1. Bedroom furniture comprises the bed, nightstand, dresser, and two nightstands. These pieces of furniture should match in style and colour with the room’s wallpaper. As a general rule, solid colours with black on the walls are great for bedrooms. The bed should be at the centre of the room with a nightstand or dresser in front of it and an armchair directly in its rear.

2. The next essential bedroom furniture piece is the dresser. A simple yet elegant single bed dresser will look stunning in any bedroom. Dressers come in many styles and designs these days and so do nightstands. A master dresser with or without a mirrored back or a small desk at the side is ideal. If you have the budget, you can get a second dresser for the guest bedroom.

3. Nightstands and closets are also essential bedroom furniture items and should complement the dresser and the bed. A single nightstand or double bed with a nightstand or guest dresser on each side is ideal. It gives the impression of more space and more furniture than a single piece of furniture. You can use the same style of nightstand or dresser on both sides for added sophistication and balance.

4 Bedroom storage is another important aspect of bedroom furniture, which is often overlooked. Having plenty of storage is essential for organizing your home. You can buy chests, shelves, and other home furniture items to help you keep your home tidy and well organized. A chest of drawers or a set of wooden shelves will make your bedroom look much better organized than if you had none.

5. If you cannot afford to get brand-new home furniture, then you can also make your own essential bedroom furniture. For example, by creating a wooden frame to hang your bed dresser from, you can create a stylish and minimalist look for your bedroom. An egg tree is also a cheap way to fill up a corner and can be made from old glasses, boxes, and wooden pegs, all of which can be bought very cheaply. This is also an ideal way of matching your bed linen to your bedroom design – just hide your designer wooden bed linen in an egg tree!

6. Finally, the bedroom mirror is an essential bedroom furniture item that most people simply take for granted. Unfortunately, many people forget that a bedroom mirror is an integral part of their bedroom decor. It is important that you choose a mirror that complements your overall bedroom design. A full-length mirror is useful for applying makeup or just general dressing and can even be used as a workspace by having a table-top model. If you want to have a media unit in your bedroom, then a large mirror is definitely required. A large media unit will also add extra storage space in your bedroom, as well as being a very stylish and functional item.


The bedroom is a room in which we spend a great deal of time relaxing and unwinding. By ensuring that you choose the correct bedroom decor, you can make this area of your house as comfortable as possible, whilst also creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. The bedroom is one of the most expensive areas of your home, so be sure to spend a lot of time making sure that you choose the right essential bedroom furniture to make the space as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. By making the right choices, you can make your bedroom a place where you can relax and unwind, without having to worry about overcrowding and using up valuable floor space.


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