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The Best Sugar Option To Have If You Have Diabetes

Every once in a while, you feast on sweets to satisfy your sugar cravings. The trouble begins when it starts affecting your insulin levels.

If you have diabetes and a sweet tooth, you are either entirely staying away from sugar or taking risks. It’s not healthy to put your health at stake, especially when you can have the best sugar substitutes without any worries.

Here you’ll know about the best diabetes sugar so that the sweetness never stops!

The Best Alternative to Sugar for a Diabetic

Diabetes is caused when your body is unable to utilize glucose properly. It happens due to the reduction or stoppage in insulin production, which carries glucose to different body parts.

One of the most critical aspects of choosing a sugar substitute for your diabetes is to ensure its low glycemic index.

A glycemic index determines how much a specific food increases blood sugar levels. Sugar substitutes with the glycemic index (GI) of 1-55 are the best alternatives to include in your diet regularly. You can use G-Low Sugar from Trust, which carries 30% less GI than normal sugar.

Here are a few benefits of preferring low glycemic index sugar over regular sugar.

Less Increase in Blood Sugar

Sugar with a low GI is slowly digested and absorbed over time. This lengthy procedure in the body causes a lesser increase in blood sugar levels.

Improved Cholesterol

Studies have shown that taking food with lower GI causes good cholesterol to get absorbed while reducing the bad cholesterol.

Aids Weight Loss

Since food with high GI leads to higher carbohydrates accumulation in the body, lower GI has the inverted result. Therefore, food having lower GI can reduce fat and help with weight loss.

Heart Benefits

Other than reducing cholesterol and body fat, the sugar with lower GI can do wonders for your heart. It can help reduce the chances of strokes, heart attacks, and heart failures.

Maintains an Active Lifestyle

Since food with low GI sugar stays in the body for a longer duration than food with regular sugar, they speed up metabolism. At the same time, they efficiently provide for a slow but steady supply of fuel for muscles. This enables you to have an active lifestyle.

Things to Note Before Buying Low GI Sugar

With the list of benefits as long as it can get, the low GI sugar is a blessing for people with diabetes. It comes with a ray of hope to the people with a sweet tooth who try hard to fight the cravings.

However, there are a few aspects to consider before getting on the sugar substitute bandwagon:

  • Since duplicity and fraud are prevalent, ensure that the product you’re buying is from a reputable source.
  • Check that the quality of the product is maintained and all the regulations by FSSAI are strictly followed.
  • Make sure to check the listed ingredients on the product and research if they have a low GI.

You can refer to the table for your convenience.

Ingredient Glycemic Index
White Sugar 68
Corn Syrup 90
Agave Nectar 10
Honey 55
Maple Syrup 54
Molasses 55


Sweet tooth and sugar have an unbreakable bond. Other than having a shocking effect on a person’s health, diabetes tends to kidnap the taste buds as well. In situations like these, a person with diabetes has to go through heavy sacrifices to satiate the sugar cravings.

Fortunately, with the availability of sugar alternatives now, people with diabetes can breathe a sigh of relief!

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