The complete guide about QR Code payment

It was unimaginable to think that a smartphone could handle something as crucial as payments ten years ago. Today, it is unimaginable to go out without your smartphone. It would be very limiting to be dependent on cash/credit all the time. With the pandemic as the background, QR code payments are essential now more than ever. This means that we need to adapt to them and learn to make the best out of them. This has been made possible through several user-friendly options.

But have you ever wondered what is at the core of this life-changing technology? Or what is it about those cryptic black and white codes that allow you to carry your bank around?

This guide simplifies QR codes and explains the basics of the concept.

What are QR codes?

Well, to put it simply, QR stands for Quick Response. The pattern of black designs on the white background is a two-dimensional code. They store several units of information in them, which smartphone cameras can pick up on. Initially used for identification or marketing, they slowly made their way into digital payment. 

How can they be used?

Unlike bar codes, which can only be picked from paper, you can scan QR codes from screens. With QR codes, users can scan the code wherever it is given, on the product/bill/store, in order to process the payment. The retailer can also scan the user’s code from the best payment app. This allows the retailer to pick up their details after setting the transaction amount. Alternatively, both individuals can open the app to generate a unique code. The sender can then scan the receiver’s code and confirm the payment. 

What are the types of QR codes?

There are two kinds of QR codes. The first type involves static codes. In these, the QR code contains the URL of the destination website. They are not trackable or reversible but can be rectified. This type of code is simple and makes for hassle-free ‘just scan and pay payments. You can use it during deliveries, taxi services, street vendor payments etc. 

The second type of code, dynamic codes, are editable. They are more complex and feature additional options. These include password protection, access management, analysis of the scan, and so on. The individual who sends the QR code has more control over the transaction in this case. 

What are the advantages of QR code-based payment?

QR code payments offer quick and convenient forms of payment compared to other forms. They also ensure security through data encryption. Moreover, the process is easy to learn and only requires a basic orientation to technology. It also requires minimal infrastructure and equipment. They also offer a more reliable method with minimal chances of errors.

What can QR codes be used for?

There are several areas where QR codes can be used to make your life much easier. For instance, you can use them for in-house delivery during a pandemic. This is especially useful when you do not have cash available. In addition, different kinds of businesses can use it for specific purposes. Fuel retailers, for example, have started using applications with convenient methods to pay. Similarly, toll booths can now facilitate more manageable payment by using the scan and pay option.

If you need to book anything online, for instance, tickets, you can always use QR payments. They come in handy for booking tickets for movies, planes, trains, buses, parks, and so much more. They can handle easily even parking charges with this mode of payment. Such integrated apps make payments and booking things much easier, such as parking spots. Street vendors can also print QR codes for convenient use. Small and micro-level businesses can significantly profit from the use of customer-friendly options like this.

QR Payments are thus not just convenient or easy ways to pay but can revolutionise the entire chain of buying and selling. Their use is spreading amongst people of different countries. All you need is an app, a smartphone camera, and an orientation for how it works. Thus, investigating more about it and looking for ways you can use it can be highly beneficial. It can come in handy not only as a seller but also as a user or customer.


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