The concept of the biodegradable bag

Biodegradable bags are very popular these days. Today, the use of these bags is on a daily basis. These bags are appreciated by people because they do not pollute the environment and help to save the planet. Today, the earth is damaged and if we don’t do anything, the situation will get worse. You can help save the planet in a simple way: by using biodegradable bags.

The biodegradable bag was introduced at a time when countries were concerned about pollution. Most products on the market. Made of normal plastic that did not degrade, and waste in landfills rotted over the years. That’s why this bag was designed to reduce waste and create a better and safer living environment.

Decay is the process by which a large object breaks down into smaller fragments and pieces. During this process, even the strongest plastics become weak and brittle due to decomposition. This process can triggered by exposure to heat or UV light and intensified by mechanical pressure.

Degradable bags are made from a material called “degradable plastic”. Degradable plastics are plastics design to change significantly under certain environmental conditions. They can degrade by physical or chemical action.

Different Types of Biodegradable Bags

There are different types of degradable plastics


Degradable plastic products made from corn starch. Products made in this way require an active microbial environment to degrade, for example in landfills. Some of these products are completely degrade, others have only holes. Visit also: Starch Bags Manufacturers in Pakistan


These degradable plastics are. Made from aliphatic polyesters, which are much more expensive. Like the first category, these products are based on the activity of microorganisms found in landfills and compost.


These are products that degrade only by exposure to sunlight and not in landfills.


The product is biodegrade by hydrolysis. Recent inventions have made it possible to produce plastics that degrade by a process known as oxo-degradation. This process does not require microorganisms for degradation. The degradation of this plastic is accelerate when exposed to heat, light, or stress and continues until the material reduced to zero. This means that no residue. Left in the soil.

To conclude

In summary, the process described above means that degradable bags break down when exposed to oxygen, light, heat, and other chemicals, making them suitable for landfills. Degradable bags are also. Called “oxo-degradable” bags. These bags usually break down automatically, which can take anywhere from 3 to 18 months. Or more after they made.

The question that arises is whether these products are environmentally friendly. In general, they are acceptable and part of a good concept. Used like normal plastic bags and will break down over time. This is much better than traditional plastic bags, which can take decades to completely decompose. However, many environmental groups say that biodegradable plastic bags are not. Yet fit to save the planet.

Final words

All businesses have the same responsibility to protect the environment. By choosing biodegradable products, you are showing that you care about the environment. Why not use biodegradable products for your promotional events?




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