The enrgtech’s guide to Printer Stand

It stands as the name implies, supporting and holding stands where the printer stand is put and held on and keeps the office organized and clean. Its stands make it easier to keep your space neat and tidy. 

There are many types of Stand. The first one is the eMerit stand. It consists of Top shelf, middle shelf and bottom shelf. It has a dimension of 17.7 * 14.5 * 8.6 inches. It’s an all-rounder stand that is affordable and has decent storage options. 

Another in the list is Huanuo Stand. It is a simple stand, but it gets the job done and has 14.5*9.1 inches dimensions. It has height adjustment options so you can adjust height as per your requirement. 

Third one in the list is Huanuo Under-desk stand. This stand is the most suitable if you want your printer to be adjusted under the desk. This stand is 17.2*13.2 inches large enough to hold most printers.

 Buying Guide

Generally, you need to consider five things: the size of the printer, the supplies that will require the storage, available location space, color and size. If you want to buy a compact size stand, then Desk-Side Stand would be most suitable. For two printers, A printer stand offers this facility. Laser stands are specifically made for laser printers. Some of the stands are closed and some are open stands. Open stands are best as you don’t have to move the printer constantly. Just place the printer on the stand and move the stand freely instead of having to  move it. Another issue with the stands is height.

A stand of around 50 centimeters is ideal if you want your stand to be under the table, countertop or shelf. This is a low height stand and comes in one shelf and limited space. It is available in metal, glass or wooden materials. It has between 2 or 3 shelves.

Advantages of Stands

One of the main advantages of Stand is that it keeps your Office clean and organized. Office contains a lot of files, papers and other stationary stuff. Things can get messy if everything is placed irregularly specially desktops, computers and printers. In that Scenario, a stand gets handy. Another thing about stands is that it is affordable.  If you want a place to be built in your computer desk specifically for the purpose of a printer, it will not only disturb the organization of your computer desk but also will be costly.

The main disadvantage of using a stand is that it can be bulky and can take a lot of space. That too depends on the type of stand because some of them could fit under the desk or in a small space.

How To Choose

Choosing a printer stand depends on your needs. A sturdy one is perfect for homes with low space requirements. A sturdy stand should have a half-inch clearance on each side. It should be easy to move around and clean. A stylish stand should match your office decor. If you plan on using it a lot, choose a one with a warm honey finish. Decorative stands are available too. However, if you need an extra space, consider a table with wheels.

A modest stand with doors will suit the space of your office. It is best if your printer is small and not in use every day. A closed stand needs less space than an open one. You can hide your printer in a corner. If you want to use it on a table, then consider a closed stand. A modest model is a great option for a desk. A door will keep dust and crumbs off of your desk.

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