As for the science of tennis racquets, the numbers tell the story. And when it comes to numbers, we need to focus on precise metrics. That is why we have decided to write an in-depth article on the latest and most practical techniques for controlling tennis racquet string, whether you want to control tension in tennis, badminton or squash.

As mentioned in another article, the influence of wire tension plays a role on the overall “bed stiffness” in the frame parts, head size, wire structure and suspension. So when we talk about controlling the chain tension, we are actually talking about measuring the stiffness of the chain. It should be noted that the rigidity of the musket therefore affects strength, control and cognition.


The rigidity of the rope bed is measured in two ways. Dynamic stiffness refers to the inclination of the support bar that is perpendicular to the tennis racquet string when hit by an object with some energy, such as a tennis ball. So it’s best to imagine how long the frame will restart after hitting the ball. Computer science probably needs some clarification, but it will give you an idea of ​​what we are looking for.

Measuring the dynamic stiffness of a cot is the most important test, but also the most complex test. Therefore, the static stiffness method is the most common method of measuring whisker stiffness. This method measures wire decomposition when a force is slowly applied (i.e., unaffected) to a specified area on the underside of the wire. It is usually in the centre of the bed. The reduction is measured as a consequence of all the above factors.

The stiffness of the back thread is not the same as the stiffness of the thread (or the tension of the thread), but the stiffness of the thread adds to the stiffness of the thread. The rigidity of the rope itself is a measure of the material and thickness of the rope.


Using the Tourna tennis racquet string Meter is an example of a quick and relatively inexpensive option for testing static stiffness. Now it’s important to note that this isn’t the most reliable way to measure, but it can give you a quick idea of ​​how your line voltage works over time. It works on the relatively simple idea of ​​a rotating mechanism which then aligns with the main main thread to give you an idea of ​​the appropriate thread tension. If you are looking for a director inexpensive backup option for your smartphone, the Tourna Tourmeter can come in handy.

Understanding and measuring DYNAMIC VOLTAGE

In fact, there are valuable tools to help you measure the dynamic stiffness of a rope bed by simulating a spherical effect. The result of these tests is measured as a dynamic voltage value (or short circuit DT value). Dynamic load is the force of the ball in kilovonds (kp) needed to deflect the pitch by 1 cm at the pressure point. The international standards for this are kp / cm or Newton / mm.


Beers Technic ERT300 professional sports equipment is one of the most used tennis racquet string instruments in local shops and on the street. It is a high-quality tool so it costs 198 euros.

Cut the ERT300 with the cables

To obtain an automatic measurement, press the start button

Wait a few seconds and read the values.

Use the supplied GP system washer to determine the chain tension in kp (pounds).

The ERT300 set, soft container 20x20x4cm, includes instructions in English, German, French and Italian, GP System Reader (to calculate the correct wire tension), 2 CR2032 batteries.

ATM melody

RacquetTune was one of the first mobile apps designed to make it easier (more often) to measure cable tension. All you have to do is tap the tennis racquet string instrument, then RacquetTune uses the generated sound to calculate the tension.

Go for the best tennis racquets to get the best experience.


TennisTension claims to be the first mobile phone program to instantly measure significant tennis racket line tension with true consistency and accuracy (less than 0.2kg error). We doubt this is really the case, as RacquetTune was the first program we came across. Tennis tension follows the loss of tension of the thread in the racquet at any time from the moment the racquet stretches. Draw and analyze the sound that tennis racquet string instruments hear when hit by a hard object (pencil, pencil, other cursing, nails, etc.). Hybrid tennis racquet string can also be measured. The application calculates the average voltage between the grid and the connection point. If the racket is stretched by 24/23 kg, the yield is 23.5 kg.

It has a feature that allows you to assign it to a specific profile you are using. Each different language puts different pressure on the other when it is said to put the same pressure on them. Enter the type “Concatenation”. For example, if the shoe is in very good condition and/or the rope is very experienced, the user should select “tight” or even “very tight” from the context menu.

The team behind TennisTension says the program has been systematically tested with various racquets and tennis racquet string at various levels of play, from beginners to ATP pros. However, when we tried to find out more about the app, we were unable to access the website.


The Stringer team claims to have developed their app just for badminton, but at first glance, its technologies. Applications appear to be very similar to those of RaquetTune and TennisTension.


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