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The New Variant And The Effects It Has On The World

Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital is not only the best hospital in Pakistan but in Pakistan. Because it fulfills its promise to provide state-of-the-art medical services to the people of south Punjab. From cardiology to Gynecology, to orthopedic to Spring Clinic which is fully devoted to psychiatry, it has a number of departments that are working very actively to facilitate the people of Multan.  As they say, to form a prosperous society it is extremely important to provide medical services to the people over there. MASH is run by MAST Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust. The Trust has also opened a school for young girls in the vicinity. That is making a great difference in society.

Health is the greatest wealth”

Indeed that is the truth, we realize it when we fall sick. When we are unable to sit, walk, eat or sleep properly because of poor health. We realize what blessing of God we were enjoying. Very recently the pandemic along with giving us bitter experiences has also taught us some very wise things. One of them is that we should be grateful for everything. That everything which we enjoy is a blessing from Him. It taught us that nothing is permanent and how unpredictable life could be. Hence, we should learn to live in the present. Such crucial times proved this phrase true. 

How the new variant of coronavirus is affecting the world

The situation is getting better now, almost half of the population of the world is vaccinated. The spread of this deadly virus is under control but a new variant “Omicron” came to life. World Health Organization W.H.O has declared this variant as the “variant of concern”. This means that this variant can prove itself very devastating for the world. This new variant is found in the blood sample of an African man.

Since then the world has paused all travel activities with Africa. Some countries have put a major ban on traveling to or from Africa. Only people with exclusive invitations can travel. The countries which have imposed it include Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, the United States. And some of the other countries. The President of South Africa has also spoken against it. He said that such discriminatory behavior of the world will badly affect the economy of South Africa. And will push the country into more adverse situations.

America’s take on the new variant of coronavirus

Anthony Fauci, who is the chief medical advisor of the President of America. Said that it might take a while to understand this new mutation in the virus. But still, the US should be ready for any kind of situation. He said that there are possibilities that the virus may fail the effectiveness of vaccination. Adding to that, he didn’t disappoint everyone. He said that vaccination may and will provide some protection against the variant. Hence if someone has not been vaccinated by far, he should rush and get it done. 

The situation in Pakistan

This is the situation in the US. Talking about Pakistan, the country did an excellent job to eradicate this pandemic. All of the hospitals were converted into COVID-19 help zones. The doctors were present here all the time and were devoted to treating the affected people. Many patients recovered and were healthy.

All the big hospitals in Pakistan, be it in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad or it is the best hospital in Multan, all of these tertiary health care units outperformed, and together they all ended the virus from Pakistan. The country somehow won from the pandemic, but it left people in much depression.

How did the nation get out of depression after a pandemic

The psychiatry departments of hospitals got much more active after the pandemic. The Spring Clinic in Multan greatly helped in bringing people back to life and normalizing them. As told earlier that Spring Clinic is a part of MASH, which played a very vital role in facilitating the pandemic.

Currently, Pakistan has imposed travel restrictions, but still. The experts warn that an omicron variant may reach Pakistan. Hence, every one of us should get vaccinated to fight back against it. The nation is ready, Pakistan has already knocked off the pandemic by standing steadfast against it. In case omicron comes here, we are ready to give it a much tough time.

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