The Operation Of A Stilleto Pumps Chocolate Mould

What are Stilleto pumps?

Stilleto pumps are one of the many types of chocolate moulds used to create delicious chocolates. These are also known as “bean-shape” or “bean-style” pumps.

You will find that there is a large range of these different chocolate moulds on the market today.

However, before you decide to go out and purchase a particular chocolate mould it is important that you learn a little bit more about this fun and easy to use chocolate moulds.

Stilleto pumps are a type of pump

that is made out of brass or steel. These pumps can be found in several different sizes. Some are small, like the ones used for candy making, while others are large enough to create milky chocolate for giant chocolate cakes.

The small ones are great for mini chocolate cakes, while the larger ones are ideal for producing dark chocolates such as those found in gourmet chocolate bars.

It is possible to make a variety of different flavours by using different kinds of chocolate moulds.

One particular style of mould

is one that consists of a long cylinder that holds water. As the chocolate cools it forces air bubbles to form inside the chocolate to emerge.

As the chocolate cools even more air bubbles are forced out and they form a smooth sheet of chocolate. The finished product then has an elastic feel to it.

This particular chocolate mould is commonly used in all sorts of chocolate producing factories.

Chocolate mould

comes as a bowl-shaped container. In this instance, the chocolate is added to the bowl and heated to boiling temperature.

The heated chocolate makes a sheet of melted chocolate that fits inside the bowl.

The bowl and chocolate mould may have a cover to keep the chocolate from heating up or to prevent it from spilling. You can then decorate your mould as you wish.

Stilleto pumps come in handy for many different things.

They can be used for making mousses that are filled with white chocolate. They can also be used to make milk coulis which is a very popular item at dinner parties.

Any kind of chocolate can be poured into a stilleto mould and turned into a variety of different cookies, brownies, candies and bar products.

Chocolate can be used to make Christmas tree decorations, fruit tarts and desserts.

In addition to the chocolate mould, there are also other important parts of the machine. These parts include the tubing, the pump itself and a water supply.

The tubing is what delivers the chocolate into the chocolate mould and ensures that the chocolate is heated up to the proper boiling point and is ready for use.

When making a chocolate pie the hot water will be heated by the pump. Water that is too hot will boil and the chocolate will begin to solidify. It’s important to have the right level of water and the right temperature so the pie doesn’t crack when it is served.


the most common piece of equipment in a chocolate mould is the hot water extractor. This is used to suck out all the hard chocolate from the mould.

It is important to be careful when doing this because too much water can cause the chocolate to get lumpy or sticky and the end product may not taste right. Once the chocolate has been extracted it should be put in a clean bowl and any air bubbles removed.

It is important that the pump itself is kept clean. Some chocolate moulds have a removable water tank that can be washed in running water. If this is the case then it is important to remove this before cleaning the pump. It is also possible to get chocolate that has been blended using a blender which can be cleaned in a similar way.

When it comes to washing Stilleto Pumps chocolate they are best washed in cold water with mild soap and then dried with a clean towel.

It is important to note that Stilleto Pumps chocolate can become stained if it is not thoroughly dried. Once Stilleto Pumps chocolate has been cleaned it should then be dried in an air-tight container. It should be stored in a cool dry area.

In the rare event that a Stilleto Pump chocolate mould does get damaged, it is possible to repair the pump. This can be done by either sewing it back together or by using plastic cement.

Whichever way is used it is important to put plenty of time and care into repairing it.

The last thing anyone wants is for their chocolate to spoil. If this should happen then it would be a good idea to find another piece of chocolate mould to use.

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