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The Ultimate Checklist for First-time Skiing persons

If you or your children are in your first skiing week, you are in the right place.

Let’s start by welcoming you to the wonderful world of skiing. We know your first mountain trip can be scary, but we’re here to provide you with some basic information that will make your trip even more enjoyable.

So, without further ado, here’s our final checkout for starters:

1. Learn the basics

Before starting, it’s worth walking a few hours closer to your home to learn the basics.

There are many covered and dry ski resorts in the UK where you can get a taste of what to expect in the mountains. You can read our guide to UK trails here.

2. Prepare your body

It is also worth strengthening the muscles you use the most while skiing: the legs and heart. I think squats, bags, and abs are great for this.

As with any sport, the better you are, the easier it is to achieve.

3. You will receive a check

If you have had a previous injury that worries you, this is a problem with skiing; Do not be worried.

Contact Isokinetic, a sports injury specialist in London. They will create a great program to save you from further trouble and to reconnect with skiing.

4.Buy a ski pass if necessary

As a beginner, you will probably need a ski pass from day one on the slopes.

Check in advance with your ski school as some ski resorts (albeit uncommon) have slopes that support beginners, but you’ll quickly transition to simple greens and blues that need a lift.

5. Book your staff in advance

You can only access the ski lifts and cable cars that take you to the ski slopes with your ski pass.

If you book early, you’ll likely get a better deal – check out all the options and offers available (or we’ll do the work for you!).

6. Order equipment rental in advance

For the first ski test or snowboard we recommend that you rent equipment. The lubricant can be adapted to the equipment according to your goals and needs. If you are in a station, if you are in a queue, give yourself a few hours to gear up.

Here is our guide to renting or buying a ski.

7. Don’t miss your helmet!

Don’t forget to rent a helmet: always put your safety first!

8. Booking of lessons

If you have never skied or climbed the snow before, it is important to book your lessons.

While it can be expensive, qualified instructors will ensure you learn all the basics correctly and safely, unlike your friend who went on a ski vacation as a child and hasn’t skied since.

9. Smart package

Put some clothes under your ski jacket. For a ski weekend I always wear a thick hood, a light down jacket and a thin coat in my pocket.

Make sure you have enough luggage as it can be very expensive to buy mountain gear. Snow + Rock has a great variety to choose from.

Check out this list of the best skis, recommended by 40 ski bloggers and compiled by TheSkiGirl.

10. Don’t forget your glasses

Sunglasses and ski goggles are essential when skiing. Glasses cannot be borrowed, so if you don’t have glasses; Why not borrow from a friend to save money by buying it for yourself?

11. Make sure you bring sunscreen

The sunlight doesn’t just come from above, it reflects the snow below you.

Being closer to the sun also means that the UV light is stronger. Wear it regularly and don’t be fooled by the clouds!

12. Apply lip balm with SPF. together

Your lips need the same maintenance, if not more, than the rest of your skin. You have to fight against UV rays and the drying wind for you! Then hold the lip balm with your hand and apply it regularly to combat cracks.

13. Set the alarm to local time

Most ski lifts open at 9pm and education starts around this time. Find out in advance where to meet your teacher.

14. Make a snack

Bring drinks and food, skiing is truly a sport so you need to be fluid and alert. A small backpack can be useful.

15. Check your mood

Confidence is probably the most important part of the whole skiing experience – in most cases, your mindset is a deciding factor in how quickly you learn.

Go to class ready to make mistakes and laugh at them. Your self-confident attitude expands and makes the lessons more enjoyable for everyone involved.

If you are shy and give up quickly, your first lesson seems to never end!

16. Never ski alone

As a beginner, it is much safer and easier to ride in a group. Make sure you have a trail map (accessible from the main switchboards) and if you make a mistake and can’t find your spot on the map, head to the nearest ski lift where the team will guide you in the right direction. . .

17. Remember, this is not a competition

Skiing is a unique sport because it sets you up against the snowy slopes of the mountains. It doesn’t involve any competition or play or outside pressure to perform well.

They take part in controlling the terrain and even gracefully navigate for pleasure and satisfaction.

18. Listen to your body

When you are tired, relax. Most accidents occur at the end of the day when skiers are tired and unable to concentrate. If you have a spa at home, be sure to use it and be sure to bring a bathing suit with you.

Everyone should carry the best ski boots with them while skiing. This helps to get a premium level of performance.

If you are travelling with children, read other tips …

1. Prepare your children spiritually

Your child’s experience may change or interrupt your vacation. Mentally prepare them to think about skiing before showing videos of skiers of all ages and abilities.

Try exercising before going to the mountains. If they are doing well, you can be sure they will soon bother you on your next ski vacation!

2. Extended

An increase in children’s activity keeps them warm, and a short ski run cools them down again. Make sure they have enough layers so they don’t freeze. They can still remove the skin if they are too hot.

3. Wear gloves

Make sure the kids like the gloves and are comfortable, otherwise these little hand warmers will be a stepping stone to your journey. You should be able to put them on and take them off without outside help and feel comfortable wearing them. Your teacher may not have the time to help them with disruptive devices, so make them independent.

4. Apply sunscreen

Apply lots of sunscreen to your child’s face and encourage him to wear it again for lunch. Make sure you put your nose under your nose as sunlight reflected off the snow is just as dangerous.

5. Attend the ski school

After booking the lessons for your children (which is strongly recommended), go to the ski school office the day before. Find out where to hit, schedule times, and talk about your child’s skiing experiences so far.

6. Think about private lessons

When you book lessons, you may have to pay a little more for private lessons as well, especially if your children are very young. For example, they are well taken care of when they are tired, cold, hungry, or when they need to go to the bathroom; Things that are sometimes forgotten in a group of some children.

A few days later, once they get used to skiing, they have a lot of fun joining a group and making friends!

7. Give them some money

Leave € 5-10 (or the local currency equivalent) for your kids for snacks and drinks. The teacher will likely stay at the bar for 15 minutes so that the children can rest.

You can also give them snacks, but they still need energy to get their skis back, which they love to walk.

8. Raise teachers’ expectations

It should be remembered that not all teachers in the school are fluent in English, but this shouldn’t be a problem. Some good teachers may have a poor command of English but are very good at skiing compared to a very fluent teacher who is not very good at entertaining children.

9. Don’t give up on the first batch

When your child comes home from the ski school crying; It’s not necessarily the teachers’ fault – they may not like the cold or lose their mom and dad.

We know it’s difficult, but based on our experience, they will thank you in the end.


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