The Ultimate Switzerland Shopping Guide For The Shopping-freaks

No holiday is complete without shopping, and when it comes to a place like Switzerland, you just can’t “not buy” anything there. Furthermore, can you visit somewhere and not bring back souvenirs? Whenever it comes to traveling, you must make sure you bring back something good to keep as a memory for yourself. And even better if you want to take some gifts for your fam on your way back. We know Switzerland is a dreamy country, and making your dream come true is what vacationing there will do. However, if you need advice for shopping, we have you covered. So, if you are the one who loves to buy things, be with us till the end of the article. In our following article, you will find The Ultimate Switzerland Shopping Guide for Shopping-Freaks like you!

Best Places to go and shop in Switzerland:

Treat the shopper inside you with proper shopping therapy, and even if you do not have much need, you can still find a little something to buy in Switzerland. Here are some of the best locations to shop your heart out when you visit there.

Buy a luxury watch from Maurice de Mauriac.

When talking about shopping, everyone knows the Swiss Watches, right? Acclaimed by the world, Zurich’s most reputable manufactures, Maurice de Mauriac, can be your first choice for going shopping. You can purchase exclusive watches for yourself or someone you love and celebrate the life of luxury. The Ultimate Switzerland Shopping Guide begins from here because of the lavish merch they offer. And you can simply have an ultimate vacation experience in Switzerland.

Visit the Bon Genie Mall and shop memories.

Bon Genie, Switzerland, is the biggest mall to purchase international fashion items. You can buy designer accessories and clothes from the big brand stores. The mall has around 20 LIFESTYLE stores on its seven different floors with separate sections for different categories. You can even find some restaurants and bars that will make the shopping experience even better. Therefore, you won’t only shop for clothes, but memories from the biggest stores around,

Have some Chocolates at the Negozio Lindt Factory outlet

Once you have satisfied the brand crazy you, go for food, especially the sweets like chocolates and candies. Visit the Huge Factory Outlet Negozio Lindt to grab some super tasty scrumptious chocolates at the rates that suit your wallet. You can find all collections of exotic Lindt chocolates from milk to dark coffee flavors and liquors or bonbons. This outlet ranks top in The Ultimate Switzerland shopping guide and will calm the foodie inside you after a day or two of hectic shopping with brands.

Grab the Vintage Collection from Scotch and Soda

Well, Amsterdam’s leading apparel chain with over 190 stores across the globe also has its node in Switzerland. And our Ultimate Switzerland Shopping Guide has the inside information for you. The merch primarily deals in trendy outfits for men, women, or kids. This shop is famous among both locals and tourists. And if you are looking to follow the trends and latest fashion updates, this may be the best choice for you.

Assecorize yourself with Freitag Bags

If you are more enthusiastic about accessories shopping, make a stop at the Freitag store. It is a globally recognized brand specializing in bags. You can find their flagship store in Zurich. In 1993, this brand was designed and conceptualized by Daniel and Markus Freitag and features luxury bags. Moreover, you can purchase a variety of designer bags, handbags, travel bags, laptop bags, bumpers, messenger, and shoulder bags here. Hence, Freitag will be the best choice to pamper the shopper inside you.

Do not Forget the Footwears from Lele Pyp’s latest collection.

If you want to go shopping in Swiss outlets, Lele Pyp is your best choice. Lele Pyp was founded by three siblings from Switzerland; Samantha, Stephanie, and Bernardo Muller Knab. It is a high-end shoe store in Melun. If you are in Switzerland, you can buy fashionable footwear such as high heels, block heels, open-toe shoes, column shoes, and flat shoes. If talking about the Ultimate Switzerland Shopping Guide, there is no better place than Lele Pyp.

Moreover, Swiss chocolate and cheese are world-renowned plus are sold all over the country. Be sure to try it in the city. There are so many things that this country offers to tourists at affordable prices. You just need to know the right place and the right time. In addition to branded products, you can, of course, bargain freely in Swiss shopping areas and buy your favorite products within your budget.

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