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Tips for designing logos that don’t annoy you

Designing logos seems like an easy enough task. Draw a circle, write the company name, and then you are done. Unfortunately, if you are actually worth the money the customer is paying you, there is much more to it than that.

Today, there are many people in the logo design agency dishing out poor logos in bulk for crowdsourcing websites. As a serious professional, how do you stand out from the competition and create quality logos that don’t make you annoyed?


10 tips for an outstanding logo


  • logo templates and logo maker

If you want a quick start with a logo design, then experimenting with a logo template will be a good initial step. It may help in giving your logo design an initial point, on which you can establish and adapt.

You can also experiment with a logo maker tool. It is an online app that asks you some questions about your company and suggests logo concepts and ideas that fit your brand.


  • Use a visual double entendre

A visual double entendre is an extremely fancy way, having two images wrapped into one ingenious understanding of an idea or concept. Viewers like the small mind game you play and are more inclined to admire a design because of it.


  • Color is important

The color palette is one of the most vital considerations for logo design. This is not just a superficial decision. Color holds meanings and communicates ideas.

In the Zion logo, the color seizes you and pulls you in. They give more context to the landscape shape and bring life to the illustration. Keep in mind, a great logo is versatile and will function well in grayscale.

Always consider, for what purpose the logo will be used and whether or not the different use cases need different versions.


  • Avoid the cliché

Every few years, some new trends come along in logo design.

You should use a design that you really imagined yourself instead of ripping off what every individual is doing.


  • Make it ownable

Ownable is not a real word, but however, you listen to it quite a little in marketing. This concept is absolutely vital that closely ties to the previous tip.

Instead of following the crowd and using a cliché design, you must try something that is differently recognizable.

When designing logos with the help of a logo design agency, think about whether or not your design is unique or generic. Is it possible that others will create something alike? Keep in mind, your first idea is your most generic idea. Try to fill one or two notebook pages with some rough drawings before selecting which ideas to go after.


  • Everyone loves custom type

While we are on the topic of being unique, almost, there is nothing that can make your logo look quite unique like some amazing custom lettering.

So often, we perceive logo design as simply a journey to the font menu to look at which typeface makes the business name appears best. If someone pays you to design their logo, they perhaps expect you to put a bit more effort into it.

Custom type helps to make sure your unique logo will remain that way.

Lower-class designers will rip off your project in a heartbeat if they find which typeface you use, but it takes some real expertise to imitate custom hand-drawn type.

Remember, if your logo is popular enough, people will always attempt to rip it off.


  • Keep it simple

Let’s face it, not every individual can make an awesome, hand-written script on a whim. Only because you are a designer, it does not have the meaning that you are an amazing typographer or illustrator. If you fit this description, don’t be scared, there is nothing stopping you from creating excellent logos.

In this situation, keep these three effective words in mind, “keep it simple”. Simple but strong logos spread throughout the business world and prove to be the perfect icons to stand the test of time.

Always contemplate how you can go to extra mile with the collaboration of a logo design agency and change your boring logos into definite brand marks.


  • Consider symmetry and proportion

Some individuals can get carried away with conversations of symmetry and proportion. So, you need to consider it as well.


  • Passive vs active

One interesting aspect of logo design is the concept of instilling a sense of activity and motion into a logo. This is not always right but sometimes it can actually give the boost a logo needs, both from a conceptual and visual standpoint.


  • Know what it means

Every great logo has a story. More than simply a good sketch, powerful logos are filled with both hidden and obvious meanings. Some examples are: the arrow of FedEx logo demonstrates making deliveries and moving forward. The apple logo has a missing “bite”, and the Twitter bird fly in an upward direction.

However, it is great when a designer shows a customer how much reasoning and thought went into the produced logo.

Customers might think that they all want is something cool and fresh. But if you instead offer a logo that ties into the core values and responsibility of a company, then you will blow their minds as well as they will love you for it.

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