Tips for Maintaining Vibratory Rollers

When you are working with heavy equipment maintaining the equipment is a requirement to ensure the long life of the machine. But sometimes machines that are relatively low maintenance are overlooked and end up getting neglected. Vibratory rollers are among such machines, they are often neglected resulting in heavy costs associated with repairs and maintenance.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your roller is in top condition.

Routine Inspection and Service

Even if your equipment is low maintenance, you still need to make sure perform routine maintenance checks on it. Vibratory rollers need to be serviced on daily basis in order to work properly. Certain components of the machine require special attention such as the engine and the hydraulics. These are two major systems in the machine and if you want to make sure that your roller keeps working properly then you need to at least check the engine oil and coolant levels on a daily basis and make sure to replace the air filter if the light is on. Other things that you need inspect are the hydraulic and fuel filters, see that there are no loose connections or leaks.

The machine also has other components that need to be monitored such as its grease points, engine oil and coolant levels as well as engine belts.

Protecting the Mat

Just because the vibratory rollers is designed in a way to maintain the vibratory system within the drums by itself doesn’t mean that you can overlook the drums completely. When you are searching for a vibratory roller for sale you pay attention to everything including the drums. You need to do the same when maintaining the roller.

It’s still important that you check to see that the drums are clean and have not been damaged. When you’re using the single drum vibratory roller inspect its tires and see that there aren’t any issues with it and that they are inflated to the pressure necessary for the job.

Mat damage usually occurs due to the drums being neglected. If the drums are maintained properly their scraper bars can be damaged. They need to be checked regularly and adjusted according to the job it’s not they can wear out pretty quickly, if there is too much damage to them, they need to be replaced immediately.

Water Flow

With asphalt rollers one thing that raises the most issues is when there is debris in the water system. This makes maintenance fairly difficult so you need to lookout for any signs a failure in the water system. If that happens you will find the nozzles will start to clog and pumps will fail to work. You can spot this failure in the water system hose connection fairly quickly if you conduct routine maintenance checks.

If you want to maintain proper water flow you need to keep an eye on all the water system filters, maintaining the initial filter screen will ensure proper flow. You need to make sure to fill the water tank on a daily basis and remember to clean out the water filters as often as is recommended.

You also need to check to make sure that the water reaches all the places that it is supposed to. You can ensure that the water reaches all the areas its needs to by adjusting the nozzles in the water system in a way that helps distribute water across the drum.

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