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Top 13 Game Mechanics of Hyper-Casual Games

There are a variety of mechanics which you can use to design the hyper-casual games. The most well-known and popular methods for playing Hyper-casual games have been properly explained by 360GameX Studio in this article, which are like this:

  1. Rise/Fall
  2. Tap/Timing
  3. Dexterity
  4. Merging
  5. Stacking
  6. Turning
  7. Growing
  8. Swerving
  9. Idle Mechanic
  10. Resizing
  11. Pushing
  12. Puzzle Mechanics
  13. Direction

If you’d like to know the complete explanation of the mentioned mechanics, please visit our article on The Top 13 GameMechanics in Hyper-Casual Gaming.

Hyper Casual Game Testing

The main thing to consider when developing an effective Hyper-casual game is to understand the right balance between the difficulty level of the game and the ease of play and game play. In order to keep it exciting, It should be simple initially, and after that, the difficulty will increase.

Hyper-Casual games may be too easy or complex.

The developers should test thoroughly the game using A/B testing to ensure that the game offers the ideal balance of difficulty levels, both easy and difficult.

It is recommended to test it at various speeds, and also must be synced to offer the best gaming experience for gamers.

Monetization Strategy for Hyper Casual Games

The games that are considered to be hyper-casual can play anytime you want, anywhere, and a game can be played within 2-6 minutes. The best way to make money from hyper-casual games is through advertisements.

The three different types of advertising methods to consider for the hyper-casual gaming.

  1. Reward-Based Ads

This is a win-win strategy. Users will be provided with a reward each time they watch the advertisement, while you’ll earn money from advertisements.

Players do not have to watch the commercial. They choose to view the advertisement for 30 seconds in order to win rewards. The reward may consist of more lives, coins or when a level is completed, players can also earn 2 times the reward they received for finishing the stage.

  1. Banner Ads

If the player is not playing advertising on banners can be an effective ways to advertise without causing any inconvenience. The banner will appear on the lower left of the screen and the user will not get annoyed by the advertisements. Banner ads are the first noticed by customers instantly.

  1. Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads will take the entire screen to ensure they get the full focus. They could be full-screen static ads, video advertisements stores locators, and also playable adverts.

Playable ads are more effective than the rest of the advertisements because during the duration, the user is able to play the ad as compared to the other ads where the viewer has to sit and wait for the 30-second time limit with patience, and occasionally longer.

The most important aspects to take into consideration when designing a mobile game with a high-quality, casual feel

Let’s take a look at the elements which you need to pay focus upon when playing an ultra-casual game

  1. Visuals

The graphics of the game determine it. The more attractive your game’s visuals will be, the more well-known your game will become. In the case of Hyper-casual games the graphics require a unique blend of entertainment as well as simplicity.

Nowadays, games that are hyper-casual feature 3D graphics which means that you are able to create a variety of new technological advancements. However, you need to make it clear that the graphics you put in place don’t distract the player from enjoying the game.

  1. Technology

As mentioned earlier Hyper-casual games are featuring 3D graphics nowadays. Therefore, the designers must employ the correct technology in the development of hyper-casual games, in order to achieve amazing results.

Unity 3D and Unreal engine are two illustrations of 3D engines for game development that are able to create not only 2D but also 3D hyper-casual games that are compatible with android as well as iOS devices. The servers and the backend depending on the functions you incorporate into the hyper-casual games you play.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is an essential element in the performance of the game is related. If it is properly promoted it will generate huge profits, but when the marketing isn’t effective, the game may not be able to cover even the development costs.

Voodoo has developed a wide variety of hyper-casual games through which they are able to cross-promote their games. Marketing is not only strong but also a large part of the success in their games that are hyper-casual.

Marketing is a major aspect it can be advantageous if you have a developing mobile gaming firm that develops your game. They are experts and can assist you with developing your marketing strategy and in analyzing the most recent trends.

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