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Top 7 Games of 2021: Mobile App and Game Development Company

The gaming industry has been flourishing at a rapid pace in the last few years. The once underrated and considered not that important industry is now one of the most grossing industries worldwide. From people integrating new-age technology into it to earning out of gaming giants, the industry will revolutionize its games in the next few years. The time of physical games has nearly come to an end with the introduction of a mobile app and game development company. It builds immersive and highly engaging games that players can easily play on their smartphones without the need for ample space.

The advancement and the ever-increasing demand for games from players have led to many mobile game development companies trying their fortune in different genres. From artificial intelligent games to NFT games, developers are building highly challenging and advanced games to provide as much exposure to gamers as possible. Moreover, it offers high visuals and resolution. Games like PubG, counter strike, call of duty, PS4, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc., are a few of the top trending games that have integrated advanced technologies into the development process. They enhanced the approach towards the games and made it more interesting with earning points. This article will guide the top few games built by mobile game development companies that have changed the game’s dynamics. It includes simple yet high-tech coding or technology.

7 Games Developed by the Mobile App and Game Development Company

  1. PUBG Mobiles

Indeed one of the most trending games since a few years has to be PUBG. It made gamers stick to their smartphones while playing it. Secondly, is a battle game that highly focuses on high-quality visuals, maps, elements, shooting experiences, etc.  The game allows a hundred players to battle in the field with supplies and explores the map terrain, vehicles, and other items to become the leading player. The game leverages its players with multiple maps ranging from Miramar, Livik to Erangel, etc. This game is all about the struggle for survival by outwitting the opponents. The intense yet fun journey allows users to interact with each other. It helps create a more realistic feel to the game, guiding and helping each other throughout the journey.

  1. Minecraft

The introduction of a metaverse in our dictionaries has changed how we function; with more incredible advancements in the technological, developers aimed to build immersive games that let them indulge in NFTs. Minecraft is one of those games that uses metaverse. The open-world games create a virtual world for the players allowing them to make changes or make a different world of their own. Moreover, the mobile app and game development company allow the players to choose from the two gaming modes. The survival and creative modes allow gamers to play accordingly. Above that, the metaverse platform allows other game players, such as Fortnite, Roblox, etc., to play together in multiplayer mode.

  1. Roblox

Roblox comes in the top 10 metaverse games that have transformed simple video games into something big. It enables players to show their creativity on an online platform. Furthermore, it allows them to create a virtual world of their own. Later on, it leverages other players to play in it. The most exciting thing about the Roblox metaverse game is that any player can buy in-game products or items from you in exchange for moolah. In short, you can earn from exchanging products with other players in the virtual world.

  1. Madden NFL 20

Everyone loves football, especially men, and playing the video game of their favorite games is a blessing from them. Seeing the craze for football games and the players, an American football video game was made based on the National Football League, Madden NFL 20. The game starts with a career campaign following the player-created college quarterback to participate in the NFL team. Gamers can choose to form the different available modes. The updated version of the Superstar mode allows the players to take the custom player and control them throughout their careers. Additionally, the game even has accessibility features for the blind and visually impaired to play without any difficulties.

  1. Carrion

Other video games include 2D platforms like Carrion, a Metroid-like game where gamers play like aliens. Secondly, the reverse horror video game allows the players to control the monster who tries to destroy and kill anyone in its way while searching for human flesh. The game was published by Devolver Digital this year on multiple platforms like playstation4, Xbox one, Linux, etc. Many mobile game development companies are developing unique games, unlike before, when you had to kill the monsters.

  1. Kingdom Heart III

Many of the games released over the years with different perspectives constantly upgraded their features and functions. The Kingdom Heart III is a release of 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that is a role-playing action game. It is a story of friendship on a dangerous adventure. The friends join hands to stop the evil power from taking over the universe, making them undergo challenges and threatening darkness to save the world. The story allows players to join hands with other heroes from multiple different stories. Moreover, it unlocks the power of crucial lades fighting and winning through the stages with friends and accomplishing the mission.

  1. The Invisible Hours

Since virtual reality is taking over all walks of life, the developers have built virtual reality games to provide gamers with immersive experiences. The invisible hours is a virtual reality game where the players have to solve a murder mystery. They do it by suspecting who might have murdered the famous scientist in his mansions. The game requires you to be present in the right place at the right time. But, since it’s not possible to everywhere at once, you can choose to rewind or fast forward time to explore the different places and put the pieces together. Here the virtual reality offers the players real-life scenarios and presence to build up the complete environment.

In conclusion, the gaming industry is experimenting and exploring new dynamics by integrating next-age technologies. Some examples of them include augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. It provides users with exciting and challenging games that help gamers sharpen their minds with quick reflexes and actions. The mobile app and game development company leverages players to sit back and play in a virtual world or earn from buying, selling, or bidding in multiple games. You can now even purchase plots or lands in a game, increasing the overall gamer experiences.

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