Top Packaging Trends Of Custom Blunt Boxes

A blunt box is used for a product carrier which protects it from inside and outside as well. plays an important role in the packaging industry. We are giving so many variations to our customers. They can easily be giving us their orders and we try our level best to fulfil their requirements. Your product sale depends on its blunt boxes if you are using durable and long-lasting boxes, it will protect your product for a long time. We are also giving free shipping to those who are giving us their orders in bulk. We also have pre-made blunt boxes for those who want their parcels on an urgent basis.

The boxes we are offering to our customers are:

•Auto bottom

•Sleeve and tray


•Front and Reverse and Tuck

Custom Printed Blunt Boxes?

The printing style of any product automatically increases its demand in the market and it also helps to improve the business. If the blunt boxes of your product looks attractive and appealing, it will grab your customer’s attention. We are appointed professionals for this purpose. They can tell you what kind of theme and design suits your product. While making any kind of box, the main thing should keep in mind is that the blunt boxes of your product should look appealing and tempting. If you have tempting packaging then it helps you to grow your business worldwide. We are using digital printing in this regard.

Following material we are using for your blunt boxes:

•2D/3D printing
•Corrugated material
•Cardboard material
•Kraft material
•Cardstock material

In cardboard material, we are using soft material. You can easily shape it according to your need. we give different options to our clients as they can also take additional services from us that make their product more effective. We are offering these add one to them:

•Window die cut
•UV Feature
•Hot stamping

Innovative Ideas for Blunt Boxes

Our professionals have innovative ideas to make your product more appealing. If the blunt box of your product looks appealing then it automatically grabs the attention of its buyers and they can buy it without giving a second thought. Today, there are so many competitors for every brand. If you want that your product grows and makes its place in the market then valid marketing promotions should take place. Marketing strategies can easily make or break any business.

Our professional can guide you that how you can uniquely do your blunt boxes. You can also share your creative ideas with us. Our enthusiastic team have great knowledge and experience to convert your ideas into reality. You can ask any question from our professionals and they try their level best to help you in any manner. Our team is available for you, you can contact us at any time.

We provide branded and attractive Blunt Boxes solutions at your doorstep

In recent times, due to this pandemic situation, many people prefer to do online shopping. They hesitate to go outside even for their necessities. Our company understand their situation. For this purpose, our company is providing them with our blunt boxes at their doorstep. We are using branded material for your parcels. iCustomBoxes try its level best to make it attractively that it leaves an impression on people’s minds.

Your product packaging should be eye-catching and presentable. If your packaging of blunt boxes looks attractive then can automatically gain the trust of your potential customer and it became your regular customer. Besides, experts are eligible to create the stunning look of the custom packaging. Our logo expert will ensure that your brand becomes the first preference of the buyers. Meanwhile, you can design attractive logos for your brand.

Besides that, our experts will provide you with the tagline that will make you more popular among other brands. So, we can sure you that our customizing method will be the reason for your success in the market. You know the attractive logo of the brand enhances the brand reputation as well. That’s why got the best services of customization from us and differentiate your brand from others.

Blunt are sold in plain packaging Boxes are seen in the USA

ICB send their paper cigarette boxes all over the world. We have a wide range of customers in the USA and Canada. They prefer to have our packaging because the quality we used is eco and environment friendly. We never compromise on our customer’s requirements. We are sending them boxes in plain packaging so that they can easily customize them according to their requirements. For those who want their blunt boxes in bulk, we have a free shipping option for them. We are giving them parcels at a wholesale rate and also with minimum discounts.

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