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Trendy hair styles According to your face

We know that an elongated face is not the same as around one and that the features to be highlighted hair styles in a square face have nothing to do with those of an oval face that is why we invite you to delve into the different haircuts so that you can discover which ones. They are the ones that best suit you according to the shape of your face and which are also a trend this fall.

From the classic and flattering long bob to the parade micro layers, to the inverted V, these are some of the haircuts that best suit the shape of your face and that are trending this fall. Curtain bangs suit with all hair type either curly or straight. Look in the mirror, observe your features, choose the haircut that best suits you and mark the best change of look this fall.

Round Face: A Long Straight Haircut

Unlike elongated faces, this type of face needs a haircut that visually lengthens it. That is why we bet on a straight cut, perhaps somewhat paraded at the ends, and with a length that well exceeds the shoulders. In this case, we can further enhance the effect with a hair that is ready and in which there are no bangs or the front locks are excessively short compared to the rest of the hair.

Long face: A cut with a lot of volume

Layered hair that gives it a lot of volumes, slightly frayed front locks. And discreet waves achieve an absolutely flattering effect.

Oval Face: A Layered Haircut with Bangs

We have already said that oval faces have an advantage when it comes to getting a haircut. Because almost all of them please them. It is time to take a risk and go for a very short haircut. In which the layers have special prominence. Give your haircut more personality by also betting on bangs. But has a slightly polished and more disheveled look.

As for the square face, the most advisable thing is to wear some broken waves at the ends and leave the root smooth as I show below. Avoid short bangs!

Square Face: An Inverted V Haircut

Don’t let your features limit you when it comes to getting a haircut. It is true that the short hair further marks the features of a square face, but we have the solution. Instead of going for a cut that frames your face (with the front locks paraded), get an inverted V-shaped haircut. That is, let the strands closest to the face be longer, while the back part is more cut. In addition to sweetening the face, this haircut will give you a lot of volume.

Elongated Face: A Haircut with Bangs

You bet on the long curtain bangs to shorten your face, as long as it is not too short. In addition, it will draw a line opposite the verticality of your face, softening your face and giving it a really flattering appearance. Play to give your hair some movement with subtle waves so that your look is casual and less sober.

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