Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas that are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

There is no need to sacrifice style when it comes to gift wrapping. With a few simple tips, you can create beautiful packages that are also eco-friendly. Choose sustainable materials like recycled paper or fabric, and use natural decorations like leaves and flowers. There are many great options out there that will help you avoid using wasteful packaging materials. You can even make your ribbon from cloth or twisted paper strips. Using these simple ideas, you can show your friends and loved ones that you care about the environment, while they enjoy your gifts.


During the holiday season, the maximum waste generated is single-use plastic wrap. Just imagine the amount of trash generated and the environmental impact of this. The shiny gift wrapping paper cannot be recycled. But do we have any alternatives for fashionable, cute, pretty, and unique gift wrapping ideas? Yes. In this blog, we will list out a few other affordable options, that create less environmental impact, and are eco-friendly. 


The first one that tops our list is Newspaper Gift Wrap- 

There are a lot of people switching from physical newspapers to digital news. But still, there is a huge chunk of people that get newspapers to read along with their morning cup of coffee. After reading, they are of no use and just lie around the house waiting to be thrown away. Even if you don’t have papers at home, you will know someone who does. So grab some from them. You can pick an article in the paper that compliments your gift from the stack of newspapers. Top it up with a cute bow made from old cloth. 


Reuse the Boxes received from Online Parcels-

Reusing the online delivery boxes is the most eco-friendly gift wrapping idea. If you order the gift online, it already comes in a perfect size. If you buy the present from a physical store, you can select from the boxes already lying with you. To make it look appealing, you can paint the boxes or use accessories lying at home like cotton, flowers, or leaves from plants. 


Use a Fabric Gift Wrap-

This is called Furoshiki, a Japanese cloth wrapping idea on gifts. It is an eco-friendly gift wrapping idea. You can use a forgotten piece of cloth that you don’t use anymore or is too old to wear again. I am sure they must be stylish, brightly colored and good-looking. You won’t require any accessories to make it more appealing because the cloth design itself adds up to the decor. You are good to go with this sustainable gift wrapping idea. 


Kraft Paper-

By now, you know that the shiny, fancy, laminated paper is just a trap because it can’t be recycled. So there is no point in using it as a gift wrapper. This is where you should use Kraft Paper. It is a unique gift wrapping idea that is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. You can show your creativity to decorate the gift using kraft paper. You can use threads, leaves, flowers, wax stamps, pinecones, a small gift card to write the message, etc. Let your inner creative soul out. 


Final Thoughts- 

Wrapping paper doesn’t need to be wasteful and terrible for the environment. You explored many sustainable and eco-friendly wrapping paper options that can make your gift look beautiful and festive. So, the next time you’re shopping for wrapping paper, don’t forget these unique and sustainable gift wrapping ideas. They’ll make your gifts look beautiful, AND you’ll be doing your part to help the planet. You can check out more information about sustainable and eco-friendly ideas on GoodGuilt. GoodGuilt features more such brands that promote sustainability and are trying to save the planet with their products. Happy Gifting!


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