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Unwanted Memories – Top Ways to Forget Them?

“If only I could forget that terrible event, then I will be able to live again.”

Succumbing into that thought is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in life. Why? Well, because it won’t actually enable you to live at all.

Your joys may now seem brighter, but your pains are even more magnified. Just look around you and see the number of people who have gone through a traumatic experience, be it a brutal break up, getting abused at work or being betrayed by a loved one.

The more memorable these events are, the more likely they’ll get etched inside your heart and mind for times to come. If you had been able to avoid thinking about them, then that would have been bliss.

But what are the ways to exactly do that? Well, this article will guide you through some of the best methods to help you forget your most unwanted memories conveniently. So let’s get started!

1. Live in the Present Moment

Who wouldn’t want to live happily ever after? But you know what, We have a human tendency to ‘live in the past’ or ‘look forward to the future.’ In this multi-dimensional world of ours, where there’s always something that one can look at and feel excited about, being stuck in an unwanted memory is not going to help anyone. No matter how much you try, you cannot undo what happened in the past, and it certainly won’t be possible to change your future. But what you can do is live a fulfilling life in the present moment itself.

So let go of that memory that’s been bothering you for long, and instead focus on living your life 100% in this very moment. You’ll see that the quality of your life improves drastically this way, and you’ll be amazed at how trouble-free things will get.

2. Let The Memories Come And Go Unnoticed

In a nutshell, say “No” to wallowing in memories that don’t matter anymore. What do we mean by this? Well, there are times when certain events trigger unwanted memories that pop up in our mind, but the only way to get rid of them is by letting them be. The more you worry about it, or try to block it out of your thoughts, the harder it will become for you. So just let them come and go without any notice.

3. Give Yourself The Freedom To Forgive

Forgiveness is one of the most beautiful things in this world, and yet it takes a lot out of you when you’re trying to forgive someone. But what’s even more difficult than forgiving someone is holding onto memories that keep reminding us how unforgiven we are. So learn to let go of your guilt by forgiving yourself and everyone else who you think has wronged. This way, the nagging memories that are stopping you from living your life will slowly fade away.

4. Stop Taking Yourself For Granted

Everyone knows how important it is to be grateful for all the people and things we have in our lives, but forgetting all about them brings us nothing but pain. So a good way to forget unwanted memories is by being more thankful for everything you have.

It is unfair to yourself if you take yourself for granted and do not give yourself enough time to reduce your anxiety. As soon as anxiety becomes a part of your life, it is crucial to look for practical ways to reduce anxiety immediately. You will be damaging your mental health by dragging it and not coming to terms with it. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Fall In Love Again

In our quest of forgetting all about that horrific experience, we often end up pushing everyone and anyone away from us. If you’re doing the same thing with potential partners, then stop it. Let go of your guilt, allow yourself to fall in love again and embrace each other’s presence with open arms. This way you’ll be able to forget about that traumatic memory without any trouble.

6. Make The Decision To Enjoy Your Life

This is the toughest part out of all, but also a very important one. Why? Well, think about it. How many times have you been going through your daily life only to realize how truly miserable you are? Not just this once, but often enough that it has become a norm for you now. So break this cycle of negativity and instead fill your life with happiness.

7. Don’t Think About It

In a weird kind of way, sometimes it’s the simplest things that help us forget our problems. So try to not think about anything negative as long as you can, and replace those thoughts with something more positive. In time you’ll find that the way your mind works has changed for good, and you’ll be able to forget about those unwanted memories with ease.

8. Stop Labeling Your Memories As “Unforgettable”

A word of advice, don’t make a habit out of calling your thoughts ‘unforgettable.’ This is because it’s going to stick in your head and even though you will try to let go of it, the only thing it’ll end up doing is escalate the problem. So instead give them names that are not going to affect your mind in a negative way, like calling it ‘unneeded,’ for example.

9. Forgive The Memory Of That Person Who Hurt You

Forgiving someone who broke your trust or hurt you badly isn’t easy, but what’s even more difficult is forgiving the memory of that person for all his wrongdoings. But if you truly want to move on and forget about this traumatic experience, giving up your anger and hatred is a must. So learn to forgive both the person and his memory with time, and see how life changes for better.

10. Don’t Let The Memory Of That Person Fester In Your Mind

This is the final tip when it comes to forgetting memories that are truly unforgettable. Why? Well, because if you keep chewing on them over and over again, they only end up hurting you in a negative way. So just let them be and forget about their existence for good.


There you have it. That was our list of 10 simple ways of letting go of unforgettable memories and moving on with your life like a boss. So what are you waiting for? Try them out and let us know how it went for you!


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