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Want to buy a barstool? Read five essential tips here!

Bar stools in combination with bar tables are increasingly replacing the dining room table with dining room chairs. For example, a bar table can save space in the kitchen or living room. You can of course also use it for breakfast, drinks, or just to work on it. buy a barstool In addition to bar tables, the number of cooking islands is also increasing, in many kitchens, there is room to create your own bar on a cooking island. What should you pay attention to when buying a barstool? We give you 5 essential tips so that you can be sure of your choice.

1. The ideal height for your bar stool

A crucial mistake that is often made is that the size of the bar stool in relation to the height of the bar table or kitchen island is not taken into account. The well-known saying, ”to measure is to know”, is therefore certainly not superfluous when purchasing a bar stool.

To be sure that the height of the bar stool is correct, first know the height of the bar table and then the seat height of the bar stool. Make sure that you measure the height of the bar table from the bottom of the top. Between these two dimensions, there must be a space of at least 25 centimeters with a maximum of 30 centimeters. By using this distance you can be sure that you can sit comfortably at a bar, bar table, or kitchen island. When you buy different types of bar stools, check the height of each variant. Of course, also take into account the thickness of the kitchen top or tabletop, in the end, you have to lean on this, from eating or working!

In addition to the height, you should always look at the width of the barstool to find out how many bar stools or bar chairs will fit on the bar table or kitchen island. There is nothing more annoying than being cramped at the table, so always make sure that there is an extra 15 centimeters space on both sides between the bar stools. And not to forget, always check whether the armrests fit under the bar table. 

2. Designer bar stools with different materials

Bar stools come in different sizes but also in different materials. Materials commonly used are plastic, leather, microfibre, and velvet. The type of material is important for choosing the right bar stool, below we explain the options. 

Recycled Leather

Recycled leather, perhaps better known as eco-leather, is an environmentally friendly material. The components of eco-leather are leather remnants in the bottom layer and microfibre as the top layer. Eco-leather often consists of 30% polyester and 70% genuine leather. 


+ Cheaper than real leather

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Easy to keep clean

+ Leather look


– Less authentic than real leather

– Can discolor in the sun 

PU leather

PU Leather is also known as Polyurethane. This type of material may be unknown to many, but it is nevertheless a common material type in the interior design industry and also in the retail sector. PU leather is a beautiful and affordable alternative to real leather. It is strong, flexible, and has low water permeability. With PU leather, a coating is applied to a layer of split leather or compressed leather remnants.


+ Cheaper than real leather

+ Thinner, so easier to process

+ Easy to keep clean

+ Almost indistinguishable from real leather


– Less durable than real leather

– Can cause wear

– Can discolor due to the sun 


Often the modern or Scandinavian bar stools are made of plastic, also known as polypropylene. The ideal thing about this type of material is that it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. In terms of seating comfort, a bar stool or bar chair made of plastic is slightly less than a bar stool with springs or filling in the seat and/or backrest.


+ Available in many colors

+ Hard-wearing

+ Easy to keep clean


– Can discolor from the sun 

– Can be static


Leather is a type of material that can last for years with proper maintenance. Leather is strong and very durable, but proper maintenance is necessary to maximize its lifespan. Always make sure that a leather barstool does not get too wet when cleaning, this way you prevent circles. You can also keep the leather nice and supple by lubricating it annually with leather cream or leather grease.


+ Very durable

+ Leather is timeless

+ Easy to combine

+ Dirt-resistant, maintenance-friendly


– Genuine leather is pricey

– Warm in summer and cold in winter

– Can discolor from sunlight


Metal bar stools are easy to keep clean, a damp cloth is enough to remove stains or dirt. Metal has the property that it can be finished in different ways. Some examples are bare metal, matte metal or powder-coated metal. Metal bar stools are also good to use if you have a bar or bar table outside. Make sure that they do not stand in the rain because of possible rust formation. 


+ Wear-resistant

+ Timeless

+ Liquid proof

+ Tough appearance


–  May be static

– Can rust when not used


Velvet is a cut variant of velvet. The luxurious fabric is often heavier in weight and flexible, making it very suitable for bar stools. Velvet is knitted or woven. It is made of cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic fibers. Velvet bar stools are very suitable for intense residential use and very durable, because velvet is very durable. 


 + Wear-resistant

 + Almost no chance of snags, loops, and pilling

 + Liquid proof

 + Luxurious appearance


– May be static –  May

create a seat mirror, a kind of shadow on the seat

3. Barstool with or without backrest 

With or without backrest, with or without armrest, with or without filling… There are so many variants, which does not make the choice any easier. Of course, your personal taste is leading, but below we give you some basic tips about bar stools.

A bar stool with a backrest usually has more seating comfort than a barstool without a backrest. Armrests on bar stools can provide extra seating comfort, especially while eating.

4. Barstool in height adjustable frame, yes or no?

There are bar stools that are adjustable in height and bar stools with a fixed leg. Bar stools with a fixed base are often more stable, which reduces the risk of tipping over. This stability often gives a bar stool a higher seating comfort.

The great thing about bar stools with a gas spring is that they can be adjusted to the desired height for each individual. If you have limited space in the house, you can opt for a bar stool with a gas spring that you can slide under your kitchen island at the lowest position.

Are you looking for a bar stool for your workplace or catering facility and do you want to give your guests the ultimate comfort? We recommend a bar stool with a backrest and where possible also with an armrest! These are of course also perfect for at home.

5. Determine the color of your bar stool!

And last but not least – the color! Nowadays there is as much as possible in combination with different materials. Do you feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees? Don’t worry, here are the latest essential tips!

Always look first at the color combination that you already have in your interior. In this way you can often already cross a number of colors from your list and the choice becomes just that little bit easier.

What types of materials are already present in the room where the bar stools will be placed? Adjust the color and material of the barstools to this to create a beautifully balanced interior. A glossy top on your kitchen island can be well combined with a more robust material for your bar stool.

Opt for a less contagious color if you have children. In this way, the dirty children’s hands are less noticeable. You can also opt for a water-resistant material if you have children, so spillage will be less of a problem.

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