What Are Great Gift Product Bundling Ideas That Actually Work

Bundled products sell better than individual ones. So if you are planning to buy one, here are some great ideas for bundling your products.

1: Bundle two existing products together

Creating a totally new product is the best way to go when creating a new bundle. However, many times it isn’t necessary and you can take advantage of pre-existing major selling products by bundling them together. It’s a great way to get more value for your customer and increase sales.

2: Bundle things that work well together

People like their choices. When you give them the choice of several things, you’ll likely gain higher sales than if you were to create surprise balloon box delivery at all. Choose things that work well together and create a combination that will benefit the consumer.

3: Bundle free stuff

People love getting something for free, especially if it adds value to what they’re already buying. If you sell items for $10 or more, consider bundling in some bonuses so customers get something extra for their purchase.

 4: Bundle items that are already discounted

If you’re having a sale on certain products, bundle them together to encourage people to buy during the sale. Alternately, sell your bundles for more than you normally do when your main product is on sale at full price. The consumer will get a discount while still paying a decent price for your bundle.

 5: Bundle a premium version of a product with a regular version

This is great for items where you have different options or variations, such as T-shirts. You can’t go wrong bundling an expensive, high-quality T-shirt with a slightly cheaper one because people will see the value added to the bundle.

 6: Bundle products with free shipping

People hate having to pay for shipping. When you’re selling online, it’s not uncommon for customers to leave at the last minute over a couple of dollars in shipping costs. To encourage them to buy your product, consider including free shipping or provide them an incentive to buy more so they get free shipping.

 7: Bundle products to sell them later

If you have seasonal items, bundling them together for a holiday sale is the perfect way to move stock quickly. For example, if you sell Christmas ornaments, bundle several of them together and create an ‘ornaments of the month’ deal.

 8: Bundle a product with complementary products

Similar to the other ideas on this list, you should bundle items that go together well. If someone is buying your main product anyway, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to add a little something extra to their order to get a great deal from you.

9: Bundle gifts for special occasions

Every holiday is a great opportunity to bundle your products together. People are always looking for gift ideas, so create a perfect gift package around your chocolate box bouquet with a balloon and make those shoppers happy.

10: Bundle items of different sizes

When you have more than one size of an item, bundling them together is a great idea. It will give your customer the choice of picking between several sizes while still only buying one item and saving on shipping if they prefer to pay for that.

11: Add in free memberships or subscriptions

People who buy from you once will want to come back for future purchases. To encourage repeat business, consider bundling in memberships or subscriptions that will give them additional value while they’re buying from you and beyond.

12: Bundle related products

It’s not as common as some of the other ideas on this list, but bundling together completely different products can work if you know your customers well. For example, if you sell candy and toys, you could bundle a bag of candy with a small toy or game. You’ll gain favor with your customer if they love both the candy and the product in your bundle.

13: Bundle products from local makers

Get to know other local businesses so you can create some bundles that will help everyone. You can create themed collections or randomly pick items that go well together for an unexpected surprise.

14: Bundle products you’re discontinuing

If certain products are on their way out, consider bundling them with other discounted products to sell the remaining stock quickly. Once they’re gone, focus your attention on other products to ensure you’re always offering a mix of fresh items.

15: Bundle items that go great together

It’s a simple idea, but bundling your products together so they can be used side-by-side is something you should consider for every product. For example, best bundle in kl gift bags with personalized notepads. You can use the bags to store the notepads and vice versa. It is a simple way to help your customers.

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