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What are the Benefits of Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs can be very beneficial because they help in stimulating growth and also in maintaining vigor. Most of the soils themselves have enough nutrients to help in the growth of the plants but some soils do not have natural nutrients. Nutrient deficient and soil that is heavy, clay, have poor drainage and where plants are planted incorrectly causes major issues. Trees and shrubs are a very important part of the landscape as they add beauty and value to our homes. Annual Tree Fertilizing Programmes are offered by professional tree and shrub fertilizer service providers like Doctor Tree. These annual fertilizing programmes are great for maintaining the health and overall vigor of the trees in your home. Tree fertilizers help in providing three macronutrients that are very essential for growth and trees’ metabolic functions. When trees are healthy, they are automatically immune to various issues and diseases.


A fertilizer is a kind of material that is natural or synthetic in origin. These materials are applied to soil or plants and help plant tissues to supply essential plant nutrients. Fertilizers are natural or artificial substances that are supplied to the crops or soils to increase overall productivity. Fertilizers are used to benefit trees and shrubs that are planted in homes for any number of reasons.


When trees are in their natural setting, they do not need any kind of fertilizers because they live in perfect harmony with the environment. Leaves and twigs generally break on the floor of forests, the nutrients the recycles in the natural process but in urban landscapes, trees and shrubs go from a varied number of challenges such as:

  1. The organic layer of topsoil is stripped away because of the building of new homes
  2. Recycling of leaf litter does not exist
  3. Foot traffic, construction and complications due to irrigation leads to a loss in soil nutrients
  4. Micronutrients are unavailable in high ph soils that are usually clay in nature
  5. Root zones and areas are being restricted
  6. Huge competition from grasses are other wild plants
  7. Heat, Cold and too much rain causes stress

These challenges can not be taken care of without using the right fertilizers in the right amount. For more advice regarding Tree, Fertilizers contact Tree Doctor USA.


Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs will benefit in several manners such as:

  1. Fertilizers will provide a supplement for three macronutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium that is required for the essential growth of trees
  2. NonWater-soluble Nitrogen will help in providing a slow feeding. A larger amount of fine roots will be present in areas rich with nitrogen that will help in better water and nutrient uptake
  3. Soil injection in addition to root feeder will help in putting fertilizer in below turfgrass roots. In this manner, trees will benefit from fertilizers. Injections will also help in providing aeration and lessening soil compaction other than providing nutrients.
  4. If trees have won the fertilizer will also help in speeding up the recovery
  5. Annual fertilizers will help trees in growing faster and better

For maintaining the right health of the trees, it is better to use fertilization on trees and shrubs. Fertilization will also help in minimizing stress and uplifting the growing process of trees and shrubs.

Author Bio:- Dustin Pope (President)

Dustin Pope, the President of Tree Doctor, wisdom is stored in the optimum health of the trees, plants, and shrubs in the landscape of San Diego. He is very passionate about creating awareness for tree health management and educating people about the consequences of ignoring the unique tree healthcare needs. He believes in sustainable results using advanced environmentally-friendly technology.

He loves to write about the tree and plant health care problems, insect and disease diagnosis and treatment, soil and root care making people aware through his experience, and keeping the San Diego County landscape healthy and beautiful. Stay tuned with the recent articles to know all about harmful insects and diseases hampering tree health, tree nutrients, soil care, root management, deep root fertilization, and other stress to trees.

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