What are the Charges for Cockroach Control in Delhi?

Cockroach control services charges in Delhi depend on the type of pest control method you have chosen. Whether you are going to do it yourself or hire professionals, the charges mainly depend on that. In this article, we will cover both. How much cockroach control will cost if you will do it yourself? And what are the cockroach control charges in Delhi if done by professional pest control companies in Delhi?

DIY Cockroach Control Charges

Cockroaches are like many other pests that contaminate your food and spread diseases. These are experts in hiding and come out at night when you will probably not see them. Cockroaches love moisture hence, they infest your bathroom and kitchen. Their favorite place to nest is beneath the washbasin and sink, where they can easily get moisture.

But at night they come out in the search of food. They will invade your kitchen where they can easily get food crumbs to eat. And if not, they will lick the leftover food on the dishes you have stacked in your kitchen sink. Therefore, it is recommended to do the dishes as soon as possible. Do not stack dishes one over one. This could be an invitation to roaches. Also, they can eat the other food items that are openly kept on your kitchen counter. As a result, they will transmit the bacteria and you will fall ill.

If you have cockroaches in your house then the charges to control them depends on what method you are going to pick. If you want to use natural remedies then it will hardly cost any money, because all the components that you will be using are usually available in every household. But if you want a quick and effective result then you will have to use chemicals and traps, which you will have to buy from the market. The price of chemicals or pest control sprays that are readily available in the market can cost from Rs. 100 – 1000.

So, DIY roach control charges depend on the two of the methods that you will use to kill or remove cockroaches.

How Much Do Professional Charge for Cockroach Control Services in Delhi?

Professional pest control charges in Delhi depend on various things. The type of pest control company in Delhi you have chosen also plays an important role to calculate the pest control charges. Some charge for the quality of the services they will provide. Renowned moving companies charge according to the brand reputation and the quality of the pest control services. hence, charges vary from company to company.

Cockroach control charges in Delhi are Rs. 800 – 1600. But pest control experts will consider a few things to determine the cockroach control rates like: –

The level of infestation

If the infestation is very old and you have lots of cockroaches in your house then exterminators will charge higher fees. This means, if the infestation is very deep then even the professionals will face problems in eliminating the pest. Minium two sessions of treatments will be required to remove them if the infestation is severe. So, if the level of infestation is too severe then it will increase the cost of cockroach control in Delhi.

Size of the area to be treated

According to the size of the area to be treated, the price of pest control services in Delhi is determined. For ex- if the cost of cockroach control for 1BHK is Rs. 800  then the 2BHK will cost you around Rs. 900. Similarly, the price for cockroach control for a 3BHK flat will be approx. Rs. 1100. This means the price will increase as the size of the infested area will increase.

Pest control method

This is one of the most common factors that affect any pest control charges in Delhi. Professional pest control experts use different pest control methods to help you get rid of pests like rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc. The methods they use are biological pest control method, electronic pest control method, physical pest control method, and chemical pest control method. These are the pest control methods that you can select to get rid of roaches from your home. and the charges of cockroach control will depend on this. Chemical pest control treatments are cheaper than the organic pest control treatment, yet people opt for organic pest control treatment because of the natural products used by the exterminators during the process.

So, all the things mentioned above are the factors that affect cockroach control charges in Delhi. But before you avail of cockroach control services in Delhi you need to know whether you have cockroach infestation at home or not.

Signs of Cockroach Infestations

How will you know that your home or office is invaded by cockroaches? Below are the signs that will tell you that roaches have infested your house and you need to get them out of your place immediately.


Cockroach droppings look like coffee grounds so, don’t get confused and look for such grainy droppings on your kitchen cabinets, shelves, or even on the route they traveled on.


Another most common sign of cockroach infestation is the odor. When the roaches crawl on the walls and floors there would be a smell of oily or musky. If something smells like that in your house then there is a strong chance the cockroaches are staying in your house.

Egg Casings

Another strong sign of cockroach infestation is the egg casings. You will find some egg casings on the walls that are produced by the roaches to prevent their eggs from any danger. If you have no idea how to check the casings then look for something in round shape, elongated length, and brownish color.


Mainly they destroy your food, so you will have to look for such signs in your house. Check the damages in the packaged foods and organic foods as well as leather and books.

These are the common signs of the cockroach infestation. If you find any of these signs or you have spotted cockroaches in your house then you should call the experts to help you get rid of them immediately. Professional exterminators will inspect the property carefully to know where the cockroaches are nesting in your house. And also check the level of the infestation. Because depending on these, they will develop a pest management plan.

Apart from these, they will also look for the signs of other pest infestations. After the inspection, they will provide a report to you. This will let you know the types of pests that have invaded your home apart from cockroaches. They will discuss the pest management plan with you to remove the pests completely from your house or office.

Also, they will let you know which treatment will be the best for you to eliminate bugs from your house. As per your demand and instructions, the exterminators will use pest control treatment to remove cockroaches from your house. The products they use are highly effective in killing pests. So, stay relaxed and let the experts handle everything.

In Conclusion

To know the exact cost of cockroach control in Delhi get quotes from top professional pest control companies in Delhi. call them for inspection and they will provide the quotation to you. Compare the pest control charges and hire the one that best suits your budget.

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