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What Are The Different Types of Duct Systems

Do you feel inefficiency in the temperature around your home? Or do you think your HVAC unit isn’t running as it should? There seems to be some problem with the duct system. Indeed, ductwork is usually overlooked, choosing the best one even harder. We already know you have a lot on your mind, and selecting the best types of ducting is the last thing on your mind. That’s why we are here!

Know Your Duct System

To begin, you must understand what a duct is.

According to dryer vent cleaning in Smyrna GA services, ducts are channels. They carry cool air throughout your home. We overlook ducts, even though they make our lives comfortable, whether cold or warm. Throughout the building, air ducts distribute cool or warm air. The rest of the HVAC system would be useless without air ducts.

People can use a variety of duct systems in either a residential or a commercial building. It isn’t essential to know everything about duct systems. Different variety of duct systems is good to be familiar with the kinds. It will be beneficial when it comes to the maintenance of the duct system.

Different types of duct systems


These ducts are tube-shaped and insulated. They consist of a wire coil wrapped in bendable, durable plastic. This kind is flexible for tricky spaces. 

Flexible ductwork has some special requirements. Besides, they should be secure enough to avoid any sagging or shaking. Ensure to prevent any bends. Followed by many turns and kinks. Because they reduce airflow and the effectiveness of the air conditioning system. 


These duct systems can be either rectangular or cylindrical. Moreover, these kinds of ducts come insulated. The reason for their popularity is that they’re hard enough, making them reliable.

Following are the three common types of ducting (rigid duct system):

Sheet metal ducts –

Sheet metal ducts are familiar to anyone who enjoys watching action movies. They are the ducts that you see in movies where the main character crawls through the air ducts. Galvanized steel and aluminum are the most common material used for metal ducts. That is why these materials are also the least likely to harbor dangerous molds or growths.

Fiberglass lined ducts –

They have fiberglass lining inside. This duct system is more common in office and commercial buildings because it helps to muffle the sound of the air conditioner unit. Thus increasing severe health risk, particularly with long-term exposure. Moreover, cleaning fiberglass-lined ducts isn’t easy. It damages the lining and discharges fibers. Molds and bacteria can contaminate these ducts as well.

Fiberboard ducts are fiberglass strands. , it is compressed with resin, followed by lamination with a foil sheet. In this way, it is protected from moisture. Yet, these aren’t recommended as they are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. They also have rough surfaces, which can disrupt airflow and efficiency in ducts.

Semi-rigid ductwork

This ducting is one of the best available in the market because it is a zero-leakage ventilation system. High-quality semi-rigid ducting aids a ventilation system’s performance. Furthermore, some semi-rigid ducting systems provide the installer with flexibility. They allow them to switch between round and oval ducting without affecting hydraulic pressure or system performance. Many semi-rigid duct systems also have anti-bacterial and anti-static linings. Making them easier to maintain.

Duct Maintenance

No one can deny that any system you have at home, damage with time. The same is the case with an HVAC system. Additionally, dust and other debris may enter the vents.

Regular duct system maintenance is essential because of the following reasons:

Improves Indoor Air Quality –

Most dust systems use air filters. Yet, they can’t capture all contaminants. It is why it is critical to clean your ducts. Cleaning will improve indoor air quality. And increase airflow. Resulting in fewer contaminants contaminating your indoor environment via ducting.

Reduces Pollution for Better Health –

Cleaning your ducts can improve indoor air quality. Followed by making the air you breathe cleaner with fewer contaminants. You will get rid of many pollutants.  And  It promotes better air quality if you maintain your air duct system. Cleaning the ducts is critical, especially for people who suffer from dust allergies.

Maintaining Comfortable Temperatures –

A clogged HVAC system affects your air ducts in the wrong way. Dryer vent repair services help you in every regard. Maintaining a clean air duct allows you to remove common debris. 

Reduces Running Costs –

When you clean and maintain your air ducts, you will notice a significant reduction in your air conditioning and heating costs. Your heating and cooling system will use less energy as a result of the improved airflow. You won’t have to spend as much money if your HVAC system unit works and.

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