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What Are The Top Apps To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

After Covid-19 threw a curveball on people worldwide, it was a wake-up call for many. But the reality is, whether you’re in employment or business, you need some pocket money to keep you going. 

But did you ever think that the device you use every day for over 4 hours can give you a boost of your income? That’s right. If you can find one of the best apps to make money on that smartphone, then you can earn some extra cash. 

7 Free Apps That Can Help You Make Money Online

Survey Junkie

It’s as simple as sharing your opinion from the brands you shop from, such as Walmart, Target, Starbucks, etc., and you earn some money. Once you register for free, you’ll get some surveys on a dashboard and answer them. You’ll see the amount of time needed to finish each survey and the points you’ll earn. The more you complete, the more cash you earn.


Would you like to find which stores have the best bargains? Wikibuy will offer you that. After you install this app for free from Android or iOS, it connects you to eCommerce stores with the best discounts. A user can scan the barcodes, and this will show you stores offering similar products and the store giving the lowest price. You also get coupon codes and credits for purchases on sites such as eBay and Walmart.


If you’re still figuring out “what are the best apps to make money,” you can give Mistplay a shot. But this is only accessible from Android, with over 10 million downloads. A player discovers a game and plays the game, which earns you gift cards that you can use in the major retail stores. This app pays promptly and has gained credibility from many users. You increase your earnings by playing regularly and earning the units you redeem for gift cards and shopping. 

 NB: One of the best strategies you can use while using the Mistplay is checking the games with 3x or 4x unit multipliers. And that’s what will earn you gift cards faster.


Dosh is another free money-making app that rewards you whenever you go shopping, dine out, or make hotel bookings. It’s a cash-back app that automatically rewards you when you shop in-store. That’s its most significant feature as you don’t have to jump through hoops to earn your cash-back. But first, download the app, then link your credit or debit card. Ensure to purchase from the participating stores to get your reward. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re earning when you shop around the supported stores. But once your balance reaches $25, you can now cash out directly or via PayPal. 


Are you an online shopper? If you answered yes or like browsing the internet, playing games, or enjoying spending time there, this app could benefit you. You get to do what you love and earn quick bucks. So, your reward comes in the form of gift cards, specific merchandise, or cash. If you can answer one poll daily, you earn one Swagbucks point. And you can cash out as little as $3. 

Capital One

Almost similar to Dosh, the Capital One app or the browser extension alerts you when there is an available coupon for an item that’s selling at a lower price. Or maybe something you’re looking at. You earn credits and redeem them in all participating stores whenever you shop at partnered stores or dine in these restaurants.  


If you’re looking for passive income, Honeygain is an app worth considering. This app uses data from your internet browsing history and helps other companies with research. Once you download the app, that’s it; you’ll earn up to $19 a month. But this amount will depend on several factors such as your location and your internet speed. The withdrawable amount starts from $20, which you get through PayPal. 


You have no excuse for being broke anymore. If you were unaware of “what are the best apps to make moneystart with some of what we’ve provided for you above. Most of these are not too involving, but there are simple tasks you can quickly finish. And try them out since you have nothing to lose. Watch out for many more money-making apps promising huge payout, which are not free.

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