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What are the Types and Features of Roller Blinds

Roller blind have been around for quite a long time now. Of late, they have been gaining a lot of popularity among homeowners and commercial property owners alike. These blinds for window can provide an aesthetic, simple, and clean look to any room. You can find them in variety of materials and designs and hence can choose one that suits the interior décor and your needs.

Manual roller blinds work by rolling the slats over to the upper side after a cord is pulled. You can also find automatic variants, wherein you can operate the blinds using a remote control. With smart blinds, you can also set a specific time for the blinds to open or close on their own. Nowadays, integrated blinds are also trending, wherein roller blinds are integrated between the two panes of a double-glazed window.

If you are out in the market to buy roller blinds for the first time, you need to be aware of various types available and their features. Read on to get a deeper insight into these aspects.

Types of Roller Blinds

The main difference between various types of roller blinds is the material they are made up of. Based on this, there are mainly 4 types of roller blinds:

Fabric Roller Blinds

Fabric roller blinds neither block the light completely nor filter the light completely. They give you a feeling of dim light that glows inside the room. These are available in different colours, designs, prints, and styles.

Block-Out Roller Blinds

Block-out roller blinds are thicker than their fabric counterparts. This blocks the sunlight from entering the room. It can give a dark theatre effect in your room. Also, you can get privacy and darkness in the bedroom for a sound sleep at any time of the day. It can give a cooling effect and reduce the need for an air conditioner by blocking the outside heat. Block-out roller blinds are also made up of ultra-violet-resistant properties like light filtering rollers.

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

There are many varieties of light filtering roller blinds; most are made up of fabrics with a loose weave. It allows partial sunlight to enter the room. This minimizes the sunlight by filtering and softening the light and decreasing the heat entering the room. Such blinds also possess ultraviolet-resistant properties.

Solar Screen Roller Blinds

Solar screen roller blinds are unique roller blinds as they ensure full privacy. They also provide an amazing outside visibility. They are best suited for living rooms. These roller blinds are not fully opaque and help in controlling the light entering the room.

Features of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have been the favourite choice of window treatment to be used both at homes and offices due to their various features such as:

Ease of Usage

You can easily operate roller blinds. They can be lowered or raised by simply using a pulley system. They can be lifted when the back of the cord is pulled and lowered when the front of the cord is pulled.

Easily Maintainable & Cleanable

One of the most important things to consider while choosing any window treatment is its maintenance and cleanliness. If you happen to choose curtains, maintaining them is difficult as every time you have to remove them for washing or dry cleaning. On the other hand, roller blinds are easy to maintain. You can clean them easily using a damp cloth.

Environment Friendly

Roller blinds help in reflecting the heat coming from outside. This feature helps a building or home to decrease the requirement of an air conditioner. This helps in consuming less energy in the long run and is hence environmentally friendly.

Motorized Roller blinds are extra beneficial for this purpose; they will automatically open or close according to the time set. When the sun is out, you can open automatically the motorized roller blinds to reflect the light outside. The blinds can be set to open for natural light entry in the house. Natural light can help in decreasing the requirement for artificial lights in the house.

Minimal & Attractive Design

Roller blind play an important role in setting the environment of the room and are an amazing option to enhance the room’s interior. They enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. They help in keeping the heat away and ensure a cool atmosphere with natural light and a beautiful view.


Roller blinds are extremely durable than other types of window treatments. They do not fade or wear out because of their ultra-violet-resistant treatment. They last a lot longer than other regular curtains.

Now that you know all the types and features of roller blind, you can make a better decision while choosing roller blinds online in India. According to your needs such as privacy, UV protection, outside view, and light control, you can select roller blind from various types of designs, styles, and fabrics.


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