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What are various hair color light brown shades

Light browns or brunette is a very common hair colour. A bit deeper than ash blonde and a bit lighter than deep brown, light browns are the perfect shade that looks good with all skin tones. It gives you the perfect amount of colour without looking too OTT. Light browns have always been in demand and will continue to do so in the future because of its versatility. Today, let’s look at some great hair color light brown options.

Different hair color light brown options

Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight there is a brown for highlighting all types of hair. Recent hair colour trends show a lot of preference towards Ombre, balayages and highlights. Today, we will go through each of these styles one by one so that next time you visit the salon, you have a clear idea of what you want.

Brown highlights/lowlights

Now what are highlights and lowlights? The key here is to choose shades at least two tones lighter than your natural hair colour for the highlights. For your lowlights choose shades that are at least two tones darker than your natural hair colour. Usually hairstylists will use the conventional foil techniques or paddles to create balayages.

While choosing a hair colour especially if you are doing it for the first time there is a basic rule of thumb- it should highlight your natural hair colour and also accentuate your skin tone and eye colour. Today, we walk you through some trending hair color light brown trends:

  • Sun-kissed Ombre

Who said you need to go to the beach to sport sun-kissed looks? You can do so while working from home too! Light browns and chestnut brown highlights that run along your hair strands in a way that the tresses are lightly toned while at the hair ends, the colour is prominent. Overall it adds a nice touch to dark black hair.

  • Light Golden Copper

A bold dimensional balayage style that helps highlight the natural warmth of darker brown hair colours. The light copper balayage stands out against dark hair colour. Also, it is fairly low-maintenance. Usually the balayage starts from the mid section of the hair so there is no chance of scalp damage. Fast fashion with no damage- that’s what we like here! You can try the Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour in Copper brown for this look.

  • Chocolate Caramel Brown Ombre

How about take it up a notch and experiment with an Ombre and balayage fusion look? The main characteristic of this style is the constant overlaying of slightly darker and lighter browns. This gives a nice contrast to your natural hair colour. Although a low maintenance hair style, hairdressers recommend to ensure that your hair is perfectly healthy before trying this.

  • Mocha browns

If you are sporting a short hair look, then this one’s for you. Also mocha browns are the perfect browns for neutral skin tones since they are neither too cool nor too warm. For best results you can ask your hairstylist for a soft-toned mocha brown with neutral blonde edges.

  • Go for gradients

Since lighter browns can be a bit boring sometimes, you can play it up by adding gradients. Not sure which brown to pick for the purpose? Hair Stylists recommend going for ashy browns that work well with almost all hair types and skin tones. It is also a great option for brunettes who just simply want to lighten things up.

  • Soft golden locks

This one is for people who want some pop of colour in their hair yet doesn’t want to make it too obvious. Some pops of lighter browns like honey blondes is a great choice and would suit most women with light brown to mid-brown tones. This is a hair colour that would suit all hair types also. The trick is simply in the placement of the lighter brown.

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  • Spicy browns

These sorts of browns are both subtle and romantic, and they work very well with cooler skin tones. It gives your whole appearance a softer tone while also adding a little edge. All of the tones combine together to give fine hair the highest amount of shine and depth possible. This hair colour definitely brings out the best in those with cooler complexion tones. If, on the other hand, your skin tone is on the warmer side, avoid wearing this colour. It can be too big of a contrast with your skin tone.

  • Go Natural

This is the perfect hair colour style for those who want “my hair but better” look. Nothing too OTT, yet have enough to pack a punch! A soft brown balayage with emphasis at the hair ends gives you that perfectly natural look and is pretty low-maintenance too.

  • Warm toffee to honey Ombre

When in doubt, experiment with two or more different shades of brown. Rich highlights while the colour changes gradient from toffee browns to honey brown. This is a great option for warm toned beauties. Just make sure your hair is well moisturized and less frizzy. 

  • Light chocolate browns

A comparatively safer option- the light chocolate brown balayage runs through your hair and almost blends in with your dark hair instead of creating any harsh lines. A warm natural brown that simply adds a lot of dimension and density to your hair.

  • Light brown with platinum edges

A balayage with deep roots that is also an Ombre, with platinum hair ends. This one may take numerous visits to the salon in order to get the desired colour tone, but once completed, it is a very low-maintenance appearance.


By now we are pretty sure you have understood there is a lot of room to play with hair color light brown shades. All that is required is that one be conscious of their hair type and skin tone, and everything else will fall into place! In fact, persons with warmer skin tones may experiment with some of these cooler toned patterns by adjusting the brightness or the depth of colour appropriately.


1. Can cooler toned people sport a light brown Ombre look?

Sure they can. One simply has to adjust the brightness of the colour according to their skin tone.

2. What are some good hair colour options for warm toned people?

Browns and light browns are both good hair colour options if you are warm toned. In fact, you can layer several hues of brown to create a balanced Ombre look.

3. Can I create a sun-kissed look with hair colours?

Sure. You can totally play with hair colours and textures to bring in the perfect beachy vibe to your look. Chestnut browns and nutmeg browns are perfect choices for this.

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