What Documents Are Required For Professional Year Program Application?


The Professional Year Program or PYP is a program offered for former international students that are graduated from an Australian university. This opportunity is offers as an introduction to the respective field of occupation. Since these programs are offers in the form of practical training, their values are exceptionally high. Most importantly, these professional year programs are designed to comply with the regulations of the accrediting bodies that are authorized by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection).


  • It allows students to enhance their professional skills and maximize their potential in gaining employment opportunities
  • Provides a great opportunity to learn the essentials of fundamental aspects of the Australian work environment, business communications and the professional code of conduct and ethics as well.
  • 05 migration points: Yes! At the successful completion of a professional year in Australia, the applicants are one step closer to permanent residence as they become eligible for 05 valuable migration points under the general skilled migration scheme.


International graduates that have completed at least 02 years of study on Australia and obtained Australian qualifications (must be between 18 to 45 years of age).

It is COMPULSORY for applicants either to hold a Skilled Graduate Visa 485 or wait for the approval of the same visa

The professional year program is a structured program, designed for international graduates who wish to apply for permanent residency.

This program prepares the candidates with the proper course structure and real industry placement in their field. This course prepares students with industry-specific skills and prepares them for the Australian workforce environment. The course is approve by the Australian Government and can be used to assess the skill in the specific field.

Currently, the PY program is only offered in these fields: Accounting, Engineering and IT.

Standard eligibility criteria for PY:

  • Completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from an Australian University
  • Applied for a 485 visa or are on a bridging visa.
  • English test score of bands 6 in IELTS or equivalent.
  • Have skills assessment done by an authorised assessment body

Both accounting and engineering programs require candidates to go through a skills assessment before enrolling on the program. The documents required for each program is outline below.

Accounting/ Engineering

  • Applied for a 485 visa or is on a bridging visa.
  • University transcript or completion letter showing a minimum of 2 years of studying in Australia.
  • Skills assessment done from the CPA, CA or IPA.
  • English test score of 6 in IELTS with no band less than 6.
  • Engineering skills assessment is done from Engineers Australia and the applicants who have completed their course from the Australian Institute are exempt from the English test.

Information Communication Technology

  • Applied for Visa Subclass 485 or is on bridging visa A.
  • University transcript or completion letter showing minimum 2 years of studying in Australian Institute.
  • English test score of 6 in IELTS with no band less than 6

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