Here is the some Step of how to CANCEL ICLOUD STORAGE PLAN

What after you cancel your paid plan? What if your Data was more than 5 GB? How can you find your lost Data? Let’s dig the solutions to such questions

Reimbursement and Continuity

 At first, you will have access to the current paid plan until it gets expired i.e subscription date is over. In case you have subscribed mistakenly and don’t want to continue then you can ask for the refund provided that you convince the customer support for the same and has good faith.

Apple according to their terms and conditions only initiates refund for storage plans that haven’t been used past 14 days.

Consider a situation where you subscribed for the storage plan on March 1 then you can eligible for the refund on or before March 14.

Billing and Storage

 No matter if you request a refund or not, your iCloud storage capacity will be downgraded to 5GB. Hand in hand apple will stop billing your payment card registered with the Apple ID.

Data Access

 In case the total data in your account exceeds 5GB before the cancellation, then sorry to say but you will not be able to access some of your data such as photos, videos, files, etc. after your plan gets expired. For better understanding, If you have 20GB of data in your iCloud storage account then you will have access to only 5GB worth of the data.

Some of the services like backup & sync will also stop working on all devices which are connected to your iCloud storage account. On the same lines, mail/sync services will also stop working i.e you cannot send and receive emails.

For those who haven’t crossed the 5GB data storage limit, then you don’t have anything to worry about. You guys still have access to the data and the services.

Data Expiration and Deletion

 For those who have exceeded the free 5GB of free storage quota and cancel your plan. What happens to your data lying in your iCloud Account? Well, Apple reserves the right to delete your data after one hundred and eighty-days of sync inactivity.

Data Recovery

 There is actually no way to recover your data or to access it after your plan gets expired – if you have exceeded the free data limit. Along the same lines, there is no way to recover your data if apple deletes it from the server.

Cancellation Precautions of CANCEL ICLOUD STORAGE PLAN

 Before cancelling your storage plan follow the following steps:-

  • Backup your data from your iCloud storage account to your local
  • Delete the data other than 5GB you want to hold on to your free allotted
  • Also, try deleting some extra files as if the full storage is occupied then mail services may not

Above all the methods specified if you still can’t Cancel iCloud Subscription then you must try approaching apple customer support for any of the further assistance if you don’t have a mac or pc. visit our website solveyourissue and get info of how to cancel icloud subscription WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CANCEL ICLOUD STORAGE PLAN

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