What Is Board Coverage and Why Does It Matter?

The markings regarding board coverage in a poker game give a qualitative assessment of how well the player interacts with all the rounds – flop, turn and the river. For example. If you raise to a range that contains only high pairs and high cards (AA, AK, KK, etc.), that range will not be covered well. The results vary and are different from the 3 patti rules.

These ranges are never found on low to medium flops (e.g., 8 of hearts, 7 of clubs, 6 of spades or 6 of diamonds, 4 spades, 2 hearts). On the other hand. If you raise with a high pair and high card. A strong connector, and a low pair range, your range will have better coverage because at least some of your hands will hit all types of flops. 

Ace of spades, Ace of spades, King of spades or 6 of hearts, 5 of hearts or 4 of hearts – that’s all taken care of. This concept in poker also extends to the moves of the future. You also want it to cover all possible turns and rivers well and work on your Poker face at the same time. 

Does Board Coverage Matter When Playing Poker online? 

Board coverage is important in online poker because, unlike 3 Patti rules, in theory. Your opponent can take advantage of you if you don’t have a strong hand on a certain board. This means that if you don’t have strong hands on the board-on on all fronts. Even some weak opponents can use that to their advantage. 

So, are you ready to take action? This is because a professional opponent can make big value bets and bluff, knowing you never have a good hand with which to call him/her off. This allows your opponent to bluff more often. Extract finer values, and significantly increase the expected values of the entire range in the game.

When you have a solid variety of hands to choose from. You have more natural bluff candidates and a better overall play. You can bluff with your sweepstakes. Your intuitive strokes, and your backdoor draws; if you bluff with a backdoor draws and flip a flush draw. You can bluff on the turn. You can also bluff more rivers by betting on the backdoor draw because you are not blocking the front door draw.

By exposing these hands with the classification of suite sometimes. But not always (perhaps 50% of the time). You can achieve coverage on the board without too much litter in your reach. There are only four suited hand combinations in poker compared to the same 12 unrelenting unsuited hand combinations. So you can have three weak suited hands within your reach, and that equals just one unsuited hand.

Cover on the board not only applies to the hands you open when playing poker. But is also an important factor in the lines you take after the flop. You also need depletion coverage. Which means you need to balance the range of checks, bets, and checks/raises to cover potential insurance cards. For example. If the flop is rainbow Q-8-2, your check/raise or bet range should cover multiple hands with axes just in case an ace comes up on the turn or river. If the flop is a rainbow 7-8-4 and the turn is 5. We already know that the first range we saw today didn’t contain a 6, so we could never get a straight. Just remember to maintain a Poker face throughout no mater what comes up in the board. 

Many amateur players hear about striking balance when playing poker and believe that it means the range has to be monster and full of air to use as a bluff. What balance is your protection in every possible situation? If there’s a flop that a smart player knows can never beat you.  You’re being exploited.

Board Coverage in Practice 

It is important to understand that all of the above only applies if your opponent knows your strategy. In practice, this is quite rare. Nobody remembers telling anyone about their real strategy. They don’t know it.  How will other players know about it?

However, there is a very important conclusion here. As the sizes of groups of players decrease and the skills of players increase. The need for board coverage increases. To take an extreme example, let’s say you always play with 10-20 talented players. The board’s terms of coverage should be considered, at least in part, as part of your strategy. Otherwise, these breakers can effectively push users towards certain boards.

On the other hand. When you are playing low stakes poker online or playing micro stakes live, board coverage range is not that important. Opponents in this game will recognize and will not use the missing board cover in the game.

Board coverage in a poker game is an advanced concept to play with, sp. Keep in mind that practical use may be somewhat limited. Imagine trying to explain the best theory of physics to a cat. No matter how good the theory is, the listener cannot understand it. It may appear like barking at a board. If you don’t want your opponents to know and implement your strategy. You can cover up the reach board.

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