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What is bounce rate & How to reduce it?

How to reduce bounce rate When we are new to the field of blogging, there are many such terms that confuse us a lot. similar to blogging There is a technical term- Bounce Rate
Many times when we check our blog’s Google Analytics or Alexa Rank etc., then we see a segment of bounce rate there. Many new bloggers get confused by seeing this because many times they do not understand it well even after searching about it on the internet.

What Is Bounce Rate

A lot of people visit your website in a day. Let’s say that the number of people visiting your website on a given day is 100. Now it is very rare that hundreds of people read many posts on your website. People visiting your website behave in two ways-

The first type of people just read a post (or page) and when they’re done, they leave the website.

The second type of people are those who, apart from one post, also read other posts on your website, that is, they keep roaming on your website for a long time.

Now if suppose that out of 100 people who came to your website, 60 people went after reading one page while the remaining 40 people read more than one page.
Now if the percentage is taken out, then 60% of the people read only one page and 40% of the people read more than one. So it means your site’s bounce rate is 60% for that particular day because 60% of the people leave after reading a page of your website.
By now you might have understood the bounce rate very well. We can define bounce rate like this-

Effect Of Bounce Rate On-Site

A high bounce rate simply means that people are not staying on your website or blog for long. They are quickly leaving your blog; Not checking or reading more pages on it.

Due to this, Google and other search engines think that your site is not good for people, that is why most people are leaving your website after reading the same page.

Having a high bounce rate reduces the reputation of your website in search engines and this can have a bad effect on your ranking!

So try to keep the bounce rate of your website or blog as low as possible. But how do you reduce it? Let’s know-

Tips for decreasing Bounce Rate

As a blogger, we do not have any direct control over the bounce rate because we cannot decide how many posts people come to our blog and read. But indirectly, the bounce rate depends on us i.e. a blogger, because after all, we are the ones writing on the website and as a blogger, we must be able to engage our audience with our content.

These are some ways with the help of which you can reduce the bounce rate of your website or blog to a great extent-

1. The first thing you can do to reduce the bounce rate of your blog is to make your content great. If your content is great then people will stay connected with it and in this way there will be a significant reduction in your bounce rate.

2. The second thing you can do is- “Internal Linking”. Internal linking means giving links to other posts of your blog in one of your own posts. With this people can easily read your other posts and your bounce rate can be below.

3. The most important thing you have to do to reduce the bounce rate is to make your content interesting. Remember, making content good and making it interesting are two different things. It is not necessary that the content which is good and informative should also be interesting. Now take Wikipedia itself, its content is fantastic and in-depth, but most people do not find it interesting! But Wikipedia is Wikipedia.
To make your content interesting, you can use things like interesting facts, storytelling in it.

4. Apart from this, you can also make significant changes in your bounce rate by improving the loading speed of your site.

5. Ranking your site on the wrong keywords, clickbait i.e. wrongly bringing people to your site and the poor website design are some other reasons due to which the bounce rate of a site increases. By controlling these things, Or you can take the help of Words Best Customer Experience Web Design Company in Dubai. This company will reduce the bounce rate of your site.

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