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What is Involved in Gastric Banding Surgery?

This type of weight loss surgery consists of attaching a silicone adjustable band to your stomach, creating two small pouches. If you’ve been considering getting gastric banding surgery, you’re likely wondering what is involved in the procedure

The smaller pouch will be the first one to receive food, which will limit how much you eat in one sitting. This surgery is a safe and effective way to lose weight and improve obesity-related conditions.


The procedure involves dividing the stomach into two separate parts, an upper pouch and a lower pouch. The band is secured with sutures and inflated with sterile saline solution. A small access port is made underneath the skin of the abdomen.

The surgeon can adjust the band by using a saline solution. The incisions are close once the band is adjust. The recovery time is short, typically around a week.

After the band is placed, the surgeon secures it with sutures. The band is inflated with sterile saline to its optimal diameter.

Importance to note

An access port is made in the abdomen for the surgeon to adjust it. The incisions are closed after the surgery. The patient may eat more or less food, depending on their needs. It is important to note that gastric bands are not permanent.

The procedure can be performed on the stomach. The surgeon uses a lateral 15 mm port for the surgery. The band is secured to the abdominal wall with sutures. A small access port is made underneath the skin to allow the surgeon to adjust the band, if necessary. Then, the incisions are closed.

Recovery time

The recovery time can take several months. The first surgery can be a lifesaver for the overweight.

The procedure is performed by making an incision under the skin. The band is secured with sutures, and an access port is made under the skin of the abdomen.

The surgeon will then inflate the band with sterile saline to make it adjustable. The surgery will take about three hours to complete.

After the surgery, the patient will be placed on a special diet, which will keep the stomach from absorbing excess nutrients.

After the procedure, the band will be adjusted to reduce the amount of food that a patient can eat. Once the band is properly adjusted, the stomach will feel much lighter and the patient will have lost a substantial amount of weight.

There are many advantages

to this procedure, but it can be expensive, and some people don’t feel it’s worth it.

After the surgery, patients will stay overnight in the hospital. The first days following gastric banding are relatively short. The majority of gastric banding patients are discharged on the same day.

They will be given fluids and purees, although they will not be able to eat solid foods until four weeks after the surgery. A first adjustment to the band is usually performed four to six weeks after surgery.

The band will be fitted with sutures to separate the stomach into two smaller ones. After the band is fitted, a saline solution will be injected into the band.

During this time, the stomach will be divided into two different pouches. After the surgery, the band will be adjusted to a certain diameter. The surgeon will also place an access port under the abdominal skin so he or she can easily adjust it.

The gastric banding surgery is connected to an access port under the skin of the abdomen. This will allow the surgeon to adjust the band size.

The surgeon will also place a small access port under the abdomen to allow the surgeon to monitor the operation.

The surgical procedure is relatively safe. The surgical procedure will not affect your health, and the results will last for many years.

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