What Is Odoo Marketing Application?

The success of an organization is determined by the various procedures and the approach to individual work. Odoo helps in marketing automation that allows the business to unite all the internal and external efforts of marketing.

With the help of Odoo ERP users can easily generate a cost estimation and plan for all the activities. Odoo helps the small enterprise to easily handle the workflow that combines submitting requests and generating quotes. The Odoo marketing application enables the organization to introduce several kinds of marketing campaigns.

In the world of digitalization, ventures use different modes of a campaign to guarantee success and growth. Odoo Marketing Automation enables the business to ensure uninterrupted campaigns for all business ventures. It allows the users to monitor their marketing campaign and assesses the impact of the campaign.

Modules of Odoo Marketing Application

Marketing Automation

Odoo marketing automation is just like software that streamlines, automate, and keep track of marketing activities and working procedure. It allows the end-users to work in a more effective and efficient manner.

The application generates the automated target campaign for marketing and also the workflow. It also helps the organization boost its revenues. End-to-end customer journeys are also supported by the feature.

Marketing automation can help you build attractive email campaigns and create email templates. To streamline the workflow, a user might experiment with different sorts of actions in marketing automation modules.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a method of sending an advertisement or any other type of professional message to a potential or current customer. In the most advanced manner, email marketing focuses on improving the merchant’s relationship with customers, boosting customer loyalty, and driving repeat business.

It greatly aids in persuading new customers and retaining existing customers to share a third-party ad or to perform any other urgent buying action. Email marketing is a popular tool in today’s business world since it provides a wonderful approach to boost a company’s performance and push it to the next level.

It is a useful tool for expanding a firm more quickly and efficiently. Odoo, as we all know, is a complete tool that can be applied to any industrial domain, allowing for efficient management of any domain’s business verticals.

SMS Marketing

In marketing, SMS is quite important. Given that some emails aren’t widely used or aren’t used at all in some areas, SMS marketing as a communication method can help to increase markets.

SMS Marketing in Odoo 13 can undoubtedly assist you in increasing the conversation rate because this strategy has a high open-rate percentage among people who use mobile phones. The Odoo SMS marketing software will assist you in planning, organizing, and scheduling marketing campaigns.

It would also assist you in keeping effective track of the advertising. The UI for SMS marketing is simple to use. Odoo also helps SMS marketing run smoothly by making all of its operations simple to handle.

Social Marketing

Companies may use Odoo Social Marketing to effectively engage and market to their target audiences. Odoo’s distinct advantage is that it is a one-stop-shop for all of your social media marketing demands.

It’s also quite simple to use and integrate, and it’s available in a variety of languages. Odoo social media marketing enables interacting with your online community easier than ever. Social marketing can assist you in establishing a stronger social media presence.

You can communicate with visitors by pushing notifications, which will generate leads, which will likely lead to sales and revenue — and customers.


It is not the scale of the industry that is important. Regardless of how large or small, your industry is, every organization holds official or non-official events as part of its daily operations. The Odoo Event management module may be the ideal option for any business that arranges events.

Odoo ensures that programs or events run smoothly and without any technical issues. If you’re organizing events for marketing objectives, business strategy planning, or annual conclaves, Odoo can help.

The Odoo Events module is a user-friendly platform that is simple to administer and maintain. The Odoo Event Management application enables users to organize and execute events more efficiently.


Organizations can use surveys to stay in touch with their customers. Client input is critical for keeping the business running smoothly. Odoo has a survey module that can help them to achieve this.

It is extremely advantageous for a company to review or receive client feedback on its products and services. Odoo includes a fantastic Survey Management module that can handle all of a company’s or organization’s survey, polling, and feedback needs. We may collect suggestions and feedback from consumers and staff using this Odoo feature.


Through its diverse range of applications, Odoo is one of the best platforms for enhancing sales and marketing operations. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other applications. They can be connected to greatly benefit a variety of businesses, depending on the business requirements.


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