What Is The Difference Between A Tyre Puncture And A Tyre Blowout?

Your tyres run on different road surfaces. Therefore, it is quite natural that they face several problems that are related to their performance, life, and physical health.

In this blog, we have decided to discuss two main problems that are tyre punctures and tyre blowouts. However, tyre manufacturers design high-quality and durable Goodyear Tyres Coventry but it is just impossible to eliminate problems like punctures and blowouts completely.

What Is The Difference Between Punctured Tyres And A Tyre Blowout?

Tyre Puncture:

Tyre punctures occur when a sharp object like a nail pierces the body of your tyres to cause a deep tiny hole. As a result, the tyre slowly loses air pressure and becomes totally flat.

How to Resolve the problem?

Usually repairing the punctured area is possible if the tiny hole is not on the sidewall. Temporary fix for a tyre puncture is possible with the help of a puncture repair kit. Moreover, you can easily replace your punctured tyres with the spare. Then, you can repair the punctured tyres according to your comfort.

Run-flat tyres are also convenient to deal with the problem of tyre punctures. Run-flat tyres are designed to remain stable even they are losing air pressure due to a puncture. With run-flat tyres, you can cover a distance of nearly 50 miles at the speed of 50mph. this distance is enough to reach a safe place.

If you have repaired the same area of tyre tread many times, you have to change the tyre if your tyres are punctured at the same area again. Repeated punctured and repair works make the region weak and it is not in favour of the health of your tyres coventry.

Tyre Blowout:

An incident of a tyre blowout is more dangerous than a tyre puncture. In this case, the tyre is suddenly destroyed making a violent sound of an explosion. Thus, the tyre is expected to lose air pressure quickly. Due to a tyre burst, the driver may lose control over the vehicle completely and the incident might result in a serious accident.

A tyre blowout is a more complex problem in comparison to tyre puncture and it may take place due to the following reasons:


The incidents of tyre blowouts happen usually because of under-inflation. A tyre with low inflation is supposed to flex on the road to create a superior level of friction. As a chain reaction, the friction will increase the heat in tyres. This combination will weaken the surface. The result of a weak surface will be seen in the form of a violent blowout.

Potholes on Roads:

A tyre may experience a tyre burst because of a pothole as well if you hit your car with it at a high speed. A Tyre burst is more likely if a region of your tyre is already weak due to the reasons explained above.


Old tyres may burst at any time if the tread depth of the same tyre is below 1.6mm. Tread pattern saves your tyres from punctures and blowouts if the tread depth is at its optimum level.

How to Avoid Blowouts:

You can easily avoid blowouts if you keep an eye on the tread depth regularly. Moreover, checking air pressure is also an effective idea to avoid incidents of tyre bursts. Furthermore, eliminate all the reasons that promote heat and friction in your tyres.

Finally, repairing a tyre puncture is possible in most cases but the event of a tyre blowout might damage the structure of your Cheap Tyres Coventry seriously. It means you have no chance to repair a blown-out tyre. Changing the tyre is the only solution.

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