What Makes an ICO Development Service Better?

Ever since the arrival of starting coin offering, the setting of a business has got much more uncomplicated than ever. Though, it comes as a powerful tool that is only about reaching, however, also very efficient in nature. The way it performs makes enough variations for the entrepreneurs as well as investors of the project. 

For a successful initiative, one has to connect with the best ICO launch services. Later, a whole movement could be carried out with the most appreciative nature and could also enthrall the audience. 

SAG IPL is an ICO development company in India that has built the most cheerful results for its clients. Being the company, we divide the whole campaign into two different phases which are Pre – ICO and Post – ICO. There are different services for mutual of them which have to be perfect for the indisputable success of your crowdfunding campaign. 

Pre – ICO Services 

Landing Page Design 

Landing Page Design refers to the initial appearance of the visitors to your website. While creating this page which has to be prepared with the highest development and also to improve it in every way. This is why it should be made easy and attractive so that the audience can stick to it and invest more in your projects. 

Payment Gateway 

During integrating a payment gateway, one has to remain conscious regarding the security aspects. While there have been a lot of aspects that you need to keep in mind during the execution of the program on the platform. 

Whitepaper Development 

This is one document that puts your eyes on detailed diagrams, graphs, and text that explain how the project will make a change technical and strategically as well. That’s why expert whitepaper writers are hired who are known for their startup ideas.. 

Bounty /Airdrop Management 

Since from the start, if you wish to make a strong campaign impression then you require to offer something essential to the target audience. The marketing process such as bounty and airdrop does a similar practice for you, however, you should have an expert. Our marketing team does the same which results, your projects will acquire the most popularity among the investors very soon. 

Admin /User Dashboard 

Under a suitable admin dashboard, you can handle the complete campaign efficiently, and that is what our developers allow you to do. We can assure you that if you can do the things similarly, you will yield positive results at the earliest. It also allows you to control the traffic on your website and handle many other problems that are troublesome in case. 

Post – ICO Service 

Wallet Integration 

As the tokens evolve, you need to think about the wallet that should be powerful and completely secure.. In this service, you keep the users of your application one step ahead and remain ready for any kind of difficulties. It also allows them to headway into a full-fledged crypto trading environment. It is a must that you make it a multi-crypto wallet. 

Coin /Token Development 

The token should be developed by someone who is very much aware of the many standards and ecosystem of the cryptocurrency. In addition, the developer must also be well-versed in creating smart contracts and integrating them into the technology flawlessly. 

Smart Contract Development 

From the time of developing the tool, you also need to check the development of smart contracts. They need to be integrated in such a way that you do not face any trouble in transacting with any coin. The whole architecture has to be streamlined and things have to be channelized in such a way that the users get an optimal result without any interruption. 

Exchange Listing Services

The token/project will need to be listed with an exchange so that you can get the most out of what the platform has to offer. You need to join a website that can make the process easier for you by offering promotional terms. It is crucial that you conduct thorough research prior to selecting the exchange platform for listing your project. 

ICO Marketing Report 

Immediately after completing a marketing campaign, you need to feel all the hits and misses to measure how efficient it was. And for that purpose, you need a professional who can carry out the task with precision and effectiveness. You have to get accurate numbers so that you can assess the impact of the methods that were employed in the strategy.


As you start working with a goal-oriented and performance-driven team, getting results for your ICO campaign becomes easier. SAG IPL does something similar for you by making the entire project productive for your business idea. It empowers your startup with wide publicity that makes your offering noticeable to the audience.

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