What Makes The Services Of An SEO Company Expensive

There’s nothing shameful in stating that SEO is expensive. It’s a fact; period! Of course, you will find hundreds and thousands of SEO wizards that claim to bring you to the summit of Google SERPs. These people and organizations would charge you so low that you won’t be able to turn down the offer. Then again, there’s a statement that goes, “it’s too good to be true.” It’s precisely something that should come to your mind whenever you get a dirt-cheap quote. In reality, many of these so-called SEO wizards are nothing more than scam artists. Your task is to avoid them and choose a reliable, experienced, trustworthy, and reputable SEO Company.

The pricing discrepancy

It’s quite common for a business owner to wonder why such a massive price discrepancy exists in the world of SEO services. Well, everything boils down to the quality and effectiveness of what you receive. SEO is so hell-bent towards high-quality content these days that it’s impossible to improve the ranking of a website without it. Even the best SEO expert won’t be able to haul your website to the top without appropriate and engaging content. In other words, the company that quotes the lowest price won’t be able to provide you anything worthwhile.

The types

Here are three types of SEO service providers.

  • The most experienced companies have a genuine interest in helping the brands they serve. These organizations attempt to establish a long-standing business relationship and always deliver a return on investment.
  • Then, there are companies that don’t know anything about what they do. They simply outsource everything to offshore organizations. As they never remain in the thick of things, they lack control over the campaign. Basically, you’re at the mercy of those providers based abroad.
  • Finally, there are SEO firms that are only after the money that you will pay. They will say everything that you want to hear. If you expect your website to acquire the number one spot on the SERPs, then they will say it. As soon as you pay them, they will vanish from the scene.

The reasons

You will probably want to choose an SEO Agency Delhi that belongs to the first of the three categories mentioned above. However, they won’t sell their services at pocket-friendly prices. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Link audits: Just think for a moment that a website is like a car that’s not performing appropriately. The only way to fix it is to inspect under the hood. In terms of SEO, link auditing involves checking all the inbound links that come to a website while identifying and eliminating the toxic ones. You can use automated software solutions for this purpose, but they aren’t always accurate. Thorough auditing requires the touch of an expert who understands what he/she is looking for. As it’s a labor-intensive process, you can’t expect it to be inexpensive.


  1. Link cleanups: What if the link auditing task exposes a truckload of toxic links? You have to remove them at all costs. Google webmasters let you get rid of the more harmful ones, but the entire process goes out of your control. If you want to stand a chance at regaining rankings, then you need an expert to remove those toxic links manually. Besides, Google wants business owners to put in their best effort to obliterate unnatural links from their site. Since it’s a time-consuming process, you have to pay the right sum for it.


  1. Penalties: Indeed, penalties can make website traffic vanish within one night. It was in February 2011 when Google penalized a company for offering discounts to educational institutions for children that placed anchor-specific links on their website. Soon after that incident, the site had to spend two months holed up in a dark corner. It was a result of low-quality SEO services.


Finally, the de-indexation of your site can make your brand chew the cobblestones. It’s another situation that you can expect from inept SEO services. If Google pinpoints a website that doesn’t adhere to its quality guidelines, then it will vanish from the search engine platform. As you can see, paying for high-quality SEO services is entirely worthwhile. In fact, it can save you from enduring catastrophic outcomes.

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