What Next Step Should Be Taken After Rejection of Your Student Visa Subclass 500?

Are you worried right after facing rejection in getting your student visa 500? Well, you are not the only one with Visa rejection. A Visa parole officer monitors your application thoroughly before concluding whether you deem fit for it or not. And there are several underlying reasons upon which the approval depends.

Reasons Why a Student Visa Gets Rejected

Summing up the reasons why a student visa 500 through the following pointers –

  • Lack of sufficient funds to cover your stay during the academic years and its consequent proof of documents
  • Lack of welfare and ‘Overseas Student Health Care Insurance’ which acts as an insurance to provide your medical care during your foreign stay
  • Incorrect of valid and legal documents
  • Inability to communicate through language, mainly English
  • Unable to produce required academic qualifications to prove the academic cause of your arrival
  • Unable to ace through the interview due to lack of genuineness or necessary facts

Solving the Mystery of Visa Subclass 500 Rejection

After locating the reason(s) for getting your Visa subclass 500 rejection, it’s time to move on towards finding a viable solution to it. Solving and rectifying early problems will lead to a successful application of the Visa the next time. Let us look into each of them one by one –

  • If your Visa application cancels the first time due to financial inadequacy, make sure you are with sufficient funds this time. Show proper records of your financial engagement, including mortgage proof if you are getting a loan or information of the provider if somebody is financing your position. Clear your financial engagements, come with proper documents and get your visa to approve.
  • Submitting wrong documents often leads to the rejection of Visa. If you faced a similar situation before, it is better to check your documents thoroughly before you apply once again. Get in touch with an Immigration Agent Adelaide to learn more about the documents required and how they should be presented during the Visa application.
  • You should sound genuine about your visit to the country. The Australian government has a strict policy about immigration, and thus, you have to show substantial evidence to prove that you are visiting the country for academic purposes, and you will return after your academic tenure is over. Show your family association to the Visa officer to convince them that you are not an immigrant. 
  • Prepare yourself for the interview. Learn about the University and the course you are applying for.  Because you should sound genuine and confident in your approach. If your speech or the test fails to demonstrate otherwise, your visa application may be reject again.
  • Timing can also be a relevant cause. To find that out, check the student visa subclass 500 conditions to learn more. The faster you apply, the chances of getting your visa approve get higher.

Re-Apply For Your Student Visa

After facing rejection, you can either apply in the same country for a Visa or can opt to apply in some other country. While looking for similar courses taught at a different University in a different country, prepare yourself to ace through the shot this time. Don’t be sad if you are set on studying abroad regardless of the visa situation. Utilize this time to glorify your CV. 

Take up a course or a job that will reflect upon your skills. You can use this further to pursue your academic career when you move to another country and can even work there as a means of extra income.

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