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What You Should Know About Menopausal Hair Loss

Hair is a woman’s pride, and that’s why you see women spending a lot of time in a salon. They can curly it, flat iron, color, or style it anyhow they wish according to their moods to depict their personality. But things change when menopause hits. The pretty voluminous hair starts to thin as you approach fifty. But does menopause cause hair loss? Why does this happen? 

It happens due to the low estrogen and progesterone (hormones that enable hair growth) that occurs during menopause results in hormonal imbalance. That reduction is what causes hair scarcity during menopause, according to research. 

Some women experience extreme hair loss, known as female pattern hair loss (FPHL), where thinning may start from the top and crown of the head. While this can happen from any age, it is usually common following menopause. But this varies across ethnic groups.

Apart from age, genetics also plays a role in a family link. However, other contributing factors include acute stress, crash dieting, illnesses, and particular medications following chemotherapy. 

Do men experience perimenopause hair loss since we only hear about women? Yes, they do. But luckily, men can shave their heads and look sexy, but it’s not the same for women. It usually impacts women differently when balding starts as hair is an integral part of their beauty. So, this could be devastating and might even lead to severe depression and affect their self-esteem. 

What To Look Out For, When You To Menopause? 

As we saw, several factors contribute to hair loss other than age, and sometimes it can be hard to tell when the perimenopause hair loss begins. However, be on the lookout when combing your hair; check how much hair remains on the brush. As you wash your head, check how much of these falls down? If you start paying attention and are not sick, this could be it. 

Since menopausal hair loss is part of life and will happen to everyone, don’t despair when it happens. Instead, visit a doctor, and he will give you options of how to control more hair from falling and offer treatment options. Some of these may include:

Quick Fix

With the high rise of wigs and human hairs, women can easily camouflage thinning hair as they look for the best treatment options. And if you have longer hair, you can cut it short, and the thinning hair will not be that obvious. Plus, shorter hairstyles are sexy such as bob, and Pixie and they have layers that add volume. Some women and men are also comfortable wearing hats, which is also fashionable, so you would never tell. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Have you ever thought that your hormone treatment can be an excellent option for menopause or Perimenopause hair loss? Since hormones cause hair loss, hormone replacement therapy is ideal for improving and enhancing hair growth.  


You may know this by its brand name Rogaine. It’s a popular hair loss treatment for both men and women. This medication works by widening the blood vessels increasing the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. After your doctor prescribes this for you, you can find it over the counter, and it comes in the forms of spray, foam, and liquid solution. But patients must use Minoxidil continuously to enjoy and maintain hair growth.

Along with Minoxidil, patients may incorporate Antiandrogens drugs to treat hair loss and excess hair on the body. 

LED light therapies are another option for fixing hair loss as this stimulates hair regrowth through biochemical processes in the scalp. It’s a ten-minute process that involves wavelengths of light that renews the cells enabling hair growth. 

In Conclusion

It’s only natural to lose hair as you age. So, does menopause cause hair loss? Yes, it does. Do you need to worry about it? No, you don’t. Why? Because there is a solution for these, as we have explained above. Now, you’re more enlightened than before about menopause hair loss. 

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