Where to Get Free Boxes – 12 Places to find free Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the most common packaging solutions that are utilized for the storage and presentation of almost every product category. Brands are using them for the promotion and protection of their products. People are even using them for moving or shifting from one place to another. Buying them is not a big deal because of their low prices. But still, there are some platforms and packaging sources where you can get them free of cost. Here in the following section, you will see the details about those platforms from where you can get moving packages without paying any price.

Barnes & Noble

People always have a special place regarding their books when it comes to moving from one place to another. They do not want their books to get scratches and other kinds of damages. That is the reason they search for free moving packages when they want to shift from one place to another. Barnes & Noble is a chain of bookstores that can provide you free of cost moving packaging for your book transferring requirements.

Local classifieds

Local classified is an online marketplace. It has listings or local packaging brands and details about which brand is offering free-of-cost packaging solutions. Here you can find minimum prices on the purchasing of extremely effective boxes. The minimum price that you can get here is just $1. You can also find brands on this marketplace that are offering giveaway boxes free of cost to their returning customers. It is a large marketplace and known by many companies that are involved in manufacturing different categories of products.


If you love coffee, you will surely know about Starbucks. If you have a coffee business, you will need many ingredients and machines to work with. To store these items, you will need to find product packages. Starbucks has a shipment of boxes 2 to 3 times every week. You can talk to them and get free packages easily from them for your packaging needs. Like other platforms, they also offer giveaways from which you can take advantage.


You will think about how a pet store can provide you with free boxes for sure. But there are many things in a pet store that comes in packaging solutions. For instance, there are water packages, beds, toys, pet foods, and clothes for pets. All of these products come in boxes. That is why you should consider PetSmart, as they offer multiple boxes if you purchase pets from them. You can even ask for free moving packages from them if you establish a connection with them.


If you ever hear about the term holy grail, this is it. Walmart is the holy grail of packaging solutions. You can find here all kinds of packaging types, styles, and sizes. Their prices are extremely low, and they also offer giveaway boxes that anyone can attain by completing different challenges. Find them and go to their giveaway section of packages if you are willing to find free moving packages.

Office Depot

Office Depot is another platform where you can fulfill your need to get moving packages free of cost. The main reason why Office Depot offers free boxes is that their shipment contains thousands of packages. They do not know what to do with all of those packages. So if you contact them on the first day of their shipment, they will be happy to give you without any cost. You can even ask for packages according to your packaging requirements.


Walgreens is a packaging platform that manufactures boxes at a huge level. They manufacture several box categories for many product manufacturing brands. Mostly, this platform recycles their used boxes or throws them at different recyclable places. If you want to get their free packages, make sure you call them first and ask for their moving packages. Make sure to visit them during working hours if you want confirmed moving packages.


Target is a platform that gets one of the biggest packaging shipments every weekend. It is very common among people that are in constant need of boxes. However, if you are looking for free-of-cost custom boxesyou should go there before noon. At this time, there will be no rush of employees and shoppers, and you will get extraordinary offers as well. They even have a service desk for their customers where you can submit your requirements.


OfferUp is a mobile application that has been developed for the sale and transfer of free packages from one place to another. This application is from Classifieds and will store your data privately. At this app, you will find people and organizations that are willing to give moving packages at affordable prices. You can also find free-of-cost packages or takeaways from brands on this app. It is easy to access as you just have to type its name on your App Store, and you can find it from this.

Facebook community groups

Today, people have started to rely on social media platforms for almost everything. Whenever they are in need of something, their first approach is to go on Facebook or Instagram and search the thing out. There are many packaging groups available on Facebook. You can just post about your need for moving packaging in any of those groups, and you can find a distributor easily from that. This approach helps you in saving the time and effort that you put into finding boxes in local markets.


At Craigslist, you will find the biggest collection of moving boxes of all types. You can just simply visit their site and go for the free section tab on the home page. It is a better approach if you connect them at the start of the week. It is the time where most people are busy and not moving at all. You can find packages for your furniture, room things, and even for your electronic devices. Plus, their packages are reliable from many other options in the free box community.

Dollar stores

Dollar stores are great sources if you are looking for free-of-cost custom moving boxes. They do not just provide packages but many cheap and inexpensive products as well. If you want to find a reliable store among these stores, go with Dollar Tree. They always keep numerous boxes in their stocks which you can get free of cost with just a bit of shopping. So make sure to consider this amazing platform.

Cardboard boxes are very beneficial for every storage and presentation of valuable products. They contain durability, reliability, and flexibility that make them reliable packaging solutions. Their qualities and features are the reasons why businesses are investing in manufacturing and purchasing these packages. However, if you need them for any temporary or permanent need, you can take a look at the above-mentioned platforms.

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