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Which Types of Service Provided by Arleta Urgent Family Clinic?

Getting the best healthcare service is the basic right of every American. No one could lag behind others for receiving the finest medical aid regardless of age and race. At Arleta Urgent Family Clinic, you can get a wide array of healthcare services. It is a renowned health center which is established in the city of Arleta. You can visit it for healthcare services on any day of the week as the service is open for 7 days. You can consult with qualified health providers to get treatment for a specific illness. Unlike the emergency room, you do not have to wait for more for your turn. You can schedule a same-day appointment or can walk indirectly for the treatment at Arleta Urgent Care Family Clinic. Services offered by this clinic include urgent and primary care for the patients. The testing for covid with antibody testing is also available.

Urgent care services

You can visit the clinic to get a plethora of urgent care services which are non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. These services are really inexpensive and are available instantly inside the clinic. You do not need a special appointment with the physician as you can walk into the clinic for treatment. These services include treatment for:

  • Small burns and injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Animal bites
  • Leg injury or broken bones
  • Childcare for 2 years and above
  • Skin allergies and infections
  • Mild asthma and respiratory problems
  • Fever or flu, which is not serious
  • School physicals for kids

You can also visit the clinic for IV hydration and immunization. You can avail of the required healthcare services with a same-day appointment without admitting to the emergency room.

Primary care services

Arleta Urgent Family Clinic believes that every patient requires essential healthcare facilities to maintain wellness. These services are aimed at providing easy healthcare access to people at affordable prices. Unlike private healthcare organizations, the clinic is providing these services at affordable prices. You can also come with medicare or Medicaid insurance cover to get the treatments. The physicians, pediatricians, gynecologists, and registered nurses are all parts of primary healthcare. You can get a range of medical services such as:

  • Wound care and minor surgery
  • Heart health check-up and ECG
  • Pregnancy control services with Family Pact program
  • Ultrasounds for the body to detect diseases
  • Cancer screening and testing
  • Health counseling for younger and seniors
  • Medicine prescriptions and follow-ups

The clinic has a well-versed team of medical staff and general practitioners to take care of all these services. They are equipped with top-notch medical equipment to deliver the best care to patients. All these services are available at your disposal without any hitch. You can visit the facility during business hours and can consult with the doctor for a specific illness.

Gynecology services

The clinic also renders gynecology services to women who undergo pregnancy and require other medical services. The clinic has expert gynecologists who are experts in performing cesarean sections. You can also visit for pap smear testing, which is essential to scan women’s health. This test tells if a female is at risk of developing cervical cancer by collecting samples from the cervix. The clinic operated a high-tech laboratory to test the cells for detecting the risk of cancer. Apart from these services, women can also get medical consultations for birth control.

Antibody testing

Arleta Urgent Family Clinic also has a full-fledged arrangement for covid diagnostic and antibody tests. If you have flu-like symptoms with body aches, chills, and fever, then you can visit the clinic. The availability of RT PCR covid testing can help you with detecting the coronavirus, and you can take further precautions. You can also get tested for covid-19 using antigen testing kits. Antibody testing is also available to know whether your body has produced antibodies to fight the virus. You can get this test after recovering from the covid infection or can also consider it after the covid vaccine. The trained medical staff will extract your blood sample to test it in the lab for providing reliable antibody test reports.

Why choose Arleta Urgent Care Family Clinic

Convenient care with no longer waiting

Same-day appointment

Affordable costs

Experienced and qualified medical teams

Advanced medical facilities

Quality healthcare right in your neighborhood

To sum up

You could remain worry-free as Arleta Urgent Family Clinic is available at your service. Healthcare facilities are accessible with no runaround and are in reach of your pocket. You can visit without scheduling an appointment and can get satisfactory medical consultation. Whether you want treatment for a minor injury or want to undergo wound healing, you can get top-notch care. You can get treatment in a clean and friendly environment.

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