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White-label Gojek Clone – A Perfect Ladder To Start An On-Demand Business

Today’s generation is inclined towards on-demand apps. In a busy schedule, it is hard for them to find sufficient time for buying products or availing services. Significantly, they prefer multi-purpose apps rather than single-purpose apps. Why on-demand multi-service apps? Through this, they can avail of different services under one roof. Whereas, it cannot be possible in single-purpose apps.  

An app like Gojek is a perfect example of multi-service apps, providing multiple services, including food delivery, grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, flower delivery, ride-hailing, house cleaning, and other on-demand services. This blog will guide you through the approaches in which the Gojek like app can be crafted. 

Vital Points Have To Be Followed While Gojek Clone App Development

If you are wondering how to develop a Gojek Clone app, here we go to know some of the vital points you should be aware of.

  • The Selection Of Platform For App Development

The three basic app development platforms are a native app, hybrid app, and web app. Based on the audiences you are targeting, make your choice of the platform for deployment. Native apps are usually built for a single platform. It might be iOS or Android, or Windows. 

Similar to Native apps, hybrid apps are furnished from app stores. Whereas, hybrid apps will be based on HTML5. Like native apps, web apps are crafted for a single platform. The only differentiation is that it runs on a browser. Notably, web apps’ UI is of no better quality than other types of apps. 

Most importantly, you ought to consider launching your Gojek Clone app for both Android, iOS, and Windows when you want to get attention from a broader user base. Or else, choose any one of the platforms for deployment. 

  • Integration Of Relevant Features

It is the most integral part of the development of the on-demand multi-purpose app. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to choose the relevant features shaping the app’s architecture. Here, we have discussed a few of the basic features of the multiple on-demand services app.

  • Quick Sign Up Process

It will facilitate the app users to finish the initial sign-up process with a few steps. Moreover, social media integration will enable the customers to sign up with social media login credentials. 

  • Multilingual And Multi-Currency Support

When you plan for global deployment, never let languages and currencies be a barrier. Thus, the inclusion of features like multilingual and multi-currency will enable the users to change the app’s language and make transactions easier using the currency they are convenient in.

  • Digital Payment Process

The decision of selection of payment modes differs from person to person. So, it would be better to give them a wide range of options like cash on delivery and digital payment modes, including debit/credit cards, net banking, and e-wallets. Ensure to make their payment transactions simpler and secure.

  • Book Now or Later

Give the customers the convenience of booking a service immediately or schedule it accordingly. For schedule booking, they have to specify the date or time. 

  • Alerts And Notifications

Give regular updates to the users regarding the new offers, services, delivery status, and other required details. This will directly impact in gaining users engagement and thereby increase revenue. 

Apart from the five basic features, never forget to add the other general features. Meanwhile, you can come up with adding advanced/innovative features. Thus, you can make your app distinctive from existing ones. 

  • Decide On The Right Technology Stack

Regarding the features and functionality of a multi-service app like Gojek, the technology stack will vary. Here’s a list of the common technology stack that can be used for the Gojek Clone app development.

  1. Languages – JRuby, Java, Swift, Golang
  2. Tools – Rails, Spring, Kafka
  3. Analytics – Google Analytics, Mixpanel
  • Designing & Developing

If you are sure about mapping up an app idea, you can proceed with the development by approaching a suitable app development company. The company will deliver you the app suitable for your business needs. Notably, it is wise to choose the wireframe of the app rather than designing & developing the fully-functional app.  

  • Testing & Deploying The App

Prior to launching Gojek Clone, make sure it is devoid of errors, bugs, and technical glitches. If found any, such issues have to be sorted. Ensuring this, you can go ahead with deploying the multi-services app for iOS, Android, or both. Your work is not finished after the deployment, check on the analytics and make necessary tweaks for improving the app’s performance. Meantime, promote your app on well-known social media channels.     

Explore The Benefits Of Launching An App Like Gojek

  • With an app like Gojek, you can build brand awareness and gain more visibility from the larger user base. 
  • Moreover, you can gain loyal customers with the introduction of loyalty programs. Let the users get updates with your promotional offers via push notifications.
  • Most importantly, you can gain a competitive advantage over your rivalries with the introduction of new features.  
  • Through this app, you can have direct communication with your customers and thereby build trust. Using in-app chat, customers can get their queries answered immediately. 

Final Words

Are you the one who has an interest in stepping into the on-demand sector? Or do you already own a traditional on-demand business and want to grow your business? A white-label Gojek Clone app will be an ideal solution. Opt for it for your on-demand business rather than crafting the app from scratch.  

William Mark

William Mark is a Tech Consultant at well established IT company in web and mobile application development services firm.  

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