Why Custom Sublimation Printing Is Growing In Demand

Digital printing technology is a relatively new manufacturing process that allows you to print excellent quality images on any type of fabric, including cotton/polyester blends or synthetic shirts. The nature of this printing technique leads to a product that is cooler than traditional methods and lasts longer as well.

With the help of the digital printing technique, you can easily create unique products which have proved to be one of the most important factors in choosing sublimation printing.

Sublimation is an extremely versatile process allowing manufacturers to create unique one-off products such as ranging from mugs, custom sublimation shirts, and cushion covers to clothing and smartphone cases.

1) A new manufacturing process:

Custom sublimation printing is a fairly recent development. The demand has started to rise because companies are now aware that they can have custom printed t-shirts with their own logo/designs for promotional purposes.

There are many retail websites where you can upload designs and submit orders for your t-shirts, or even order custom printed t-shirts from your favorite sports team!

2) Follow New Trend

As a result of this awareness, there is a growing demand for customized apparel. This has led to the rapid rise in popularity of sublimation printing among everyone from individuals who simply want a unique shirt with their design to professionals and businesses interested in creating a promotional campaign around this product.

3) Unique Advertisement Techniques

Sublimation printing is a great option for companies or corporations that want to get their message across, especially when they…

  • Have a logo with the colors not being integral to its design. In such cases, full-color printing is impractical because it would make the logo/design less recognizable.
  • Are interested in promoting themselves temporarily, with an eye on future business development. In many cases, color prints are not needed for a short period.

4) Personalize Your Wardrobe

Sublimation printing allows you to print almost any design you choose. This is a fairly new concept in the world of personalized clothing, and it allows you to express yourself or celebrate your interests in whatever way you choose. You don’t have to conform to the established norm simply because that’s what everyone else is doing!

5) A Low-Cost Alternative

When compared with other forms of apparel decoration such as embroidery, screen printing, or heat transfer printing, this process offers a low-cost way of decorating clothes.

6) Least Expensive Products

Custom sublimation printed apparel is also far cheaper than many other forms of decoration. This makes it an attractive proposition for people looking to create a great variety of products, from simple tees to caps and bags!

7) Show Your Creativity

The designs you create with the help of sublimation printing are not limited to names or messages. You can use any design that will look good on a shirt: just imagine, art nouveau patterns, pop culture references, famous logos … the possibilities are endless!

8) Print Unique Designs

There are so many events these days where you need a few gifts for your friends or family but have no idea what they might want. The answer is simple – get them custom sublimation printed apparel! This way, everyone can have something that suits their style.

9) Quick Results

You can order as many or as few items as you want. Many companies offer a rush service that allows you to create small quantities in a very short time, so if your event is coming up soon, go for this!

It’s the best way to make sure people have the gift you’ve chosen for them, and that your business has a presence at the event.

10) Top-Notch Print Quality

 Another important factor in the decision-making process for customers is the quality of print that they can get with this method of printing.

Due to the nature of digital apparel printing, this ensures that there is no risk of peeling or fading; which means that manufacturers can offer a product that will last the test of time.

This has an impact on customers’ decisions when choosing their suppliers. Range of products Manufacturers are also able to create a much wider range of products with this printing method


Custom Sublimation Printing (also called DTG or Direct To Garment) is a printing method that allows you to print full-color images and designs on textiles without requiring the heavy, bulky inks that screen-printing requires.

It instead uses special inks that are directly pushed into the fabric with heat and pressure. This creates a sharp, bright image that won’t crack, peel or fade.

Custom Sublimation Printing is growing in demand because it allows people to create custom designs on a wide variety of items for their business or personal uses.

These include T-shirts Hats Towels Hoodies Bags Beach Towels Mouse Pads Canvas Prints Cushions Pillows Golf Bags Sunglasses.

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