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Why do people prefer pink donut boxes?

A strong yet attractive packaging is one of the most important things brands should invest in. Your packaging defines you. A brand’s worth relies on its packaging. Moreover, attractive packaging helps you stand out in a throng of other donut boxes.

Donuts, to be true, are the circles of pure bliss. Literally, every age group loves and demands donuts. Their high demand led to the inclusion of donut manufacturers in the industry. But there is one thing common about these donut boxes; the classic pink cotton candy color!

Ever wondered why different donut manufacturers have the same packaging of their donuts?

Ngoy’s legacy

There is a story behind these pink donut boxes. Once, a Cambodian refugee migrated to the States, and to earn a living, he started selling his own donuts. For the packaging of his donuts, he would utilize these pink donut boxes. After his business was settled, he moved to help other refugees settle down too. Soon, there was an influx of donut sellers who would sell their donuts in the pink donut boxes. The usage of these pink donut boxes hence got popular in no time!

In today’s day and age, it is a continued legacy of Ngoy.

The legacy continues!

The emotional sentiments of the people are attached to these pink donut boxes. They don’t want any changes to be done to the boxes. However, there is another reason why a large number of manufacturers still prefer these boxes.

The pink donut boxes are relatively cheaper when bought wholesale than other donut boxes. People have easy access to them. But since there are a number of donut manufacturing firms and bakeries in the market, it is important to stand out amongst the others.

For you to convince the customers to purchase your donuts amongst the others, your packaging must be able to captivate them.

Here’s a quick guide to how you can convince the buyers to purchase your donuts amongst the others!

Make your boxes attractive!

The classic pink color of your donut boxes looks attractive when utilized for donut boxes. Its cheerful and vibrant appearance goes perfectly with the theme of your donut boxes. But adding to the overall outlook of your classic pink donut boxes helps your brand stand out the most in the market.

The following elements will help you improvise your packaging and eventually, your donuts will be preferred the most for their packaging than others.

Enhance your logo!

With an attractive logo, your box sets a trademark for your brand. This is your brand identity. The whole aura of your company settles down in your logo. Moreover, your brand logo makes your product easily recognizable. It is true to say that a logo is the soul of packaging.

To enhance the appearance of your logo and make it easily recognizable in the industry, Use foiling.

The foiling stamps basically are the outline of your logo. However, you can totally print your stamps with the foil as well!

Gold and silver foils are the ones most utilized for this process. Moreover, you can even customize a color for the foil that you want!

Enhance the pattern of your donut boxes!

To enhance the pattern of your donut boxes, utilize the embossing and debossing element. This add-on feature helps you to acquire a box look you’ve always wanted. Moreover, your ordinary pink donut boxes become more intense and eye-captivating.

These features help give the pattern of your box a 3 Dimensional look. Embossing uplifts the pattern of your donut boxes whereas debossing depresses the pattern. You can even fill in your debossed pattern with foiling!

Printed donut boxes!

Many manufacturers want to print a design for these donut boxes. Different print for different flavors looks very exquisite. For an instance, a print with animated donuts with pink as its base colors helps you to add on to your donut box without changing the pink theme.

Your printed donut boxes embark your creativity. You can be as artistic as you want to be with your prints. Your thoughts need to be in freedom in order to design your printed donut boxes. A printed donut box helps you to speak for your brand personality. Your print expresses what your brand is.

Once your design is printed on your donut boxes, you can make it more fascinating by a coating effect. The coating is the finishing touch of your printed custom boxes with no minimum. An aqueous coating gives your printed donut box a highly glossy and smooth coating. A gloss coating gives a shiny covering whereas a matte coating gives an exquisite look to your printed donut boxes.

Multiple box styles are now accessible!

You can even choose a box style for your donut boxes. There is no particular requirement for you to restrict yourself to a basic box. Some of these box styles are as follows:

  • Tray and sleeve boxes
  • Hexagon boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Self-lock boxes
  • Front and reverse end boxes

Any box you choose can be customized according to your requirements.

Moreover, understanding that your packaging becomes your salesman and brand representative in the market is important. Hence, customizing your pink donut boxes and adding to their features helps you to stand out in the market and enhance your brand value. Only a laudable packaging can help you survive in the mar

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