Why Is It Beneficial To Give Colostrum To The Newborn Puppies?

You might have heard that people give their dogs colostrum when they are suffering from allergies. The reason why colostrum helps with allergies is that it is an immune modulator. Colostrum not only benefits the dogs by boosting up their immune system, but it also has various benefits that go far beyond allergies.


Colostrum is a substance present in the first milk of a mother. It helps newborns in getting their first nutrition and helps them boost their immune systems. However, it is essential to know that the new burns benefit from colostrum, but adult dogs can also get good benefits from colostrum.

Giving Colostrum to Newborn Puppies

Colostrum for newborn puppies comes in powder form and is usually given in that form. Moreover, you can provide it with or without food. However, mixing it with food is more common. You can mix it with wet or dry food like broth or unsweetened yogurt. Keep in mind that colostrum is most effective when you give it an empty stomach.

Benefits of Giving Colostrum to Dogs

There are many benefits of giving your puppies colostrum, and some of them are as follows.

Colostrum Help Fight Allergies

Colostrum contains PRPs, which help in moderating the allergies, which are an overactive immune response. By giving colostrum to puppies, you can help in reducing their inflammation, rashes, itching, and discomfort. Moreover, colostrum also helps manage leaky gut, which is a central issue caused by an allergic reaction in dogs and puppies.

Colostrum Helps in Treating Diarrhea

Colostrum can also help in managing the diarrhea issues of your puppies. Studies show that colostrum helps in reducing various types of diarrheas, including chronic, acute, and infectious diarrhea. Moreover, a study shows that colostrum helps the fecal quality of weaned puppies.

Taking Colostrum Improves Oral Health

One of the leading veterinary problems among small patients includes periodontal diseases. This disease is quite common in puppies and can lead to tooth decay. To overcome this issue most vets, recommend treating the teeth under anesthesia which can be a risk.

Moreover, most dog owners are understandably reluctant to do it. However, research suggests that colostrum can help the dogs with their gums, reducing the bacteria that cause gum disease. Moreover, colostrum contains growth factors that can repair the tissue damage as well.

Colostrum Helps in Recovering from Cancer

Colostrum contains immunoglobulins which help in improving the immune system of dogs. Moreover, it helps in fighting viruses and bacteria. Another benefit of colostrum is that it can help fight cancer.

You might have heard that people give their dog colostrum when they are suffering from allergies.

Colostrum contains cytokines that help the body fight cancer as it activates white blood cells. Moreover, it has a particular protein and can cause the death of cancer cells.

Bottom Line

Giving colostrum to newborn puppies improves their immune system and helps them fight various diseases. Moreover, colostrum contains multiple nutrients that reduce the chances of increasing inflation, allergies, or other health problems like diarrhea.

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