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Why is Knowledge Management System Important?

Why is Knowledge Management System Important?  A knowledge management system (KMS) is a tool that allows organizations to manage and store knowledge within their organization. Knowledge maintain in an organized manner in a knowledge base. Often using the relational database management system (RDBMS) technology.

 Knowledge management a buzzwor in the technology industry. It is commonly used to describe a system for documenting. Storing, and organizing information and knowledge. Typically, knowledge management systems are used by organizations to store knowledge about a variety of different topics.

 Capture tacit knowledge and codify it into explicit knowledge

 The use of KM systems for capturing tacit knowledge is often used in the medical field to store patients’ health care data. A knowledge management system can use in HR departments to store employee training information and company policies. It can also use in marketing departments to store marketing strategies and techniques for specific products.

 Store and organize explicit knowledge

 Knowledge management is the process of identifying, gathering, storing, organizing. And disseminating knowledge within an organization. There are many benefits of having an organized knowledge management system.

 This system helps employees find what they need quickly without duplicating work or spending too much time searching. It helps people make decisions by providing them with information that’s relevant to their work. Organized knowledge management systems also help employees who leave the company to ensure that they can take their learnings with them.

 Make this knowledge easily accessible so your organization

 The purpose of a knowledge management system is to make relevant information easy to find and share, regardless of where it is stored. Knowledge management systems should use as a way to encourage creative thinking and problem solving, as well as improve the organization’s ability to adapt.

 Increased collaboration

 Effective collaboration is vital for knowledge management. All organizations need to make knowledge available to the right people at the right time. Knowledge management is about creating an environment where people can share knowledge. Access it whenever they need it, and easily update it with new information.

 Assist in the training of new employees

 Many companies have been using knowledge management techniques to assist in the training of new employees. This can do through a variety of methods. Such as online courses, lectures, and more.

 While these methods are effective, there are some limitations to them. The lectures or online courses may not always be available for the employee to complete at their convenience due to time constraints among other things. Lectures may also not address all topics that may need clarification from the company.

 A merger or acquisition could spur the need for codifying knowledge

 When two companies merge, they are combining two separate cultures into one. This is an extremely difficult task that can lead to conflicts in the workplace.

 Knowledge management is the process of:

  •     Organizing
  •     Managing
  •     Sharing information

 …in an organization. Knowledge management enables an organization to make better decisions by handling information in a more structured way. The right knowledge management strategy will help employees become more productive and confident. Which will make for a smoother merger or acquisition.


 Knowledge management software from Panviva is essential to any organization that needs to access and share data. The right knowledge management software can help an organization of any size manage its data and communicate more effectively. The knowledge management software market expect to continue to grow as businesses become more reliant on data.

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