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Why is there is an increasing need of Mugshot Removal Services?

Mugshot removal services have grown greatly in the last decade or so. The development of websites that host pictures of people who have been arrested but not really charged with any offence has been essential in this.

In short, nobody really wants an image or document of a mugshot online accompanying each and every Google search. As such, mugshot removal services can be a blessing for you. These professionals or services make use of a range of tricks to get your mugshot removed or they remove mugshots destination from the web.

Why is Your past Mugshot Appearing When a person Googles your Name?

Police or legal records are open to the public encompassing the mugshots that are taken when you got arrested. Websites and platforms that show mugshots online therefore do not really need or require any special permissions or your consent to publish or post your mugshot and other personal details. This is the data or information that includes the image, your home address, the overall location of the arrest as well as your age, overall weight and height. The charges for which the arrest got made can even be listed.

Posting or publishing mugshots also fails to fulfil the legal requirements for a case of slander, insult of character or libel against a private website. To prove any sort of these, you require to provide documented evidence that the information or data that has been published is wrong or simply false. Any wrongful arrest, the websites are more probable to perform mugshot removal free of charge rather than that of facing any lawsuit.

In case you are really unsure which website is publishing or posting your mugshots online and personal information, that would demand hard work. You may not find such platforms easily. Perhaps, one thing that you can do is you can take assistance. Talk to professional services or experts who may help you right away. They would ensure that you have the perfect tools to clean up or get your mugshots removed from any sort of platform. Of course, in simple words, they ensure that nowhere on the websites or platforms or the entire web is your mugshot available for anyone. There would be no search results nothing. Hence, you can be at peace and be sure too.

Unfortunate part

Unfortunately, this web and online industry profits off the bad luck of others and is mostly quite repugnant – this means it is tough to remove an image. When a mugshot turns out to be public record, websites or platforms looking to make a profit immediately post the pictures for public consumption. Even the media sometimes like newspapers publish mugshots so as to drive more traffic to their websites. Getting a mugshot eradicated from search results may be difficult but will help massively with your online reputation.

A swift Google name search is going to display the mugshot as well as associates with the websites that have published the information. Whether you were never officially charged with the crime, were discovered to be innocent. Or the records got sealed by the court, the data and images will still appear because you got arrested.


So, in a nutshell, make sure that you have someone. Or a team out there for you to ensure that there is no mugshot against you on the web.


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